M. Night Shyamalan first appeared in the Season Eleven episode, "Imaginationland".


The United States government called in three top Hollywood directors, Mel Gibson, Michael Bay, and M. Night Shyamalan to give ideas on how to defeat the terrorists. Unfortunately, he is incapable of suggesting practical ideas on how to deal with the situation, because all he can come up with are assorted twists to the story that have nothing to do with anything.


He is of Indian descent and has tan skin and black hair. He appears in a white shirt and wears a wristwatch.


  • Shyamalan being unable to think of anything except for plot twists is based on the popular view that his films contain plot twists that were initially interesting, but got progressively more ridiculous and nonsensical in his later films. In particular, his pitch that "We were all already dead" is a reference to his highly successful movie The Sixth Sense. Two of his other films, Signs and The Village, are also mentioned by name in the episode.


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