Spookyfish is an evil goldfish that Stan Marsh received as a gift from his aunt Flo Kimble. He first appeared in the Season Two episode, "Spookyfish".


Stan's Aunt Flo is visiting, and arrives with a gift for Stan, a small goldfish. Unbeknownst to Stan, Flo bought the fish at the Indian Burial Ground Pet Store, which was built over an ancient indian burial ground. As a result, the fish is evil, and kills several people while in Stan's care.

The first person the fish kills is an unnamed man with a green shirt in jeans. Stan wakes up the next morning to the fish having killed another person, a blond man with a blue shirt. The fish then kills Aunt Flo and Kenny McCormick while the boys are visiting.

Sharon Marsh, out of love for Stan, buries the bodies and hides the evidence. Stan, Kyle, and Evil Eric Cartman go to the store and return the fish.

Criminal Record编辑

  • Murder: He is responsible for killing Stan's aunt Flo, Kenny McCormick, and other people.


Spookyfish is a small goldfish that lives in a fishbowl with plastic kelp.


  • "Spookyfish" - Given to Stan by Flo Kimble as a gift; later turned out to be evil and murdered several people.
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