马修·麦康纳是一名首次出现于第十八季残障车”的演员,他在开车的时候,同时为残障车和共享车打广告, episode, "残障车", where he drives and simultaneously advertizes the Handicar and ZipCar vehicles, satirizing his actual commercials for Lincoln's MK series of vehicles.


Matthew McConaughey first appears driving a Handicar, saying that he "was driving a Handicar way before [he] got paid to drive one" and that he "just likes how it feels". However, later when he's competing in Wacky Races, McConaughey appears driving a Zipcar, saying, just like with the Handicar, that he "was driving a ZipCar way before [he] got paid to drive one". At the end of the race, McConaughey tries to catch up to 提米·伯奇's Handicar, which is in the lead; however, explosives that were set by 敏西, which were intended for Timmy's Handicar, were actually set under McConaughey's Zipcar. This happens because Mimsy mistook the "fake, soft-spoken douchebag that everyone loves" to be McConaughey, rather than Timmy, which angers 内森. The explosives go off, ripping open a wormhole that sucks McConaughey in, allowing Timmy to win the race.


Matthew McConaughey has combed brown hair and wears a black business suit, which includes a black coat, a white shirt, and a black tie.

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