Wayne D is a character that appeares in the Season Fifteen episode, "T.M.I.". His personality is the stereotype of a white guy attempting to act like a stereotypical black guy. He also appeared as one of the Mall security guards in the "Black Friday" Trilogy.


Wayne D has a black hat, that says "PLAYA" on it, and a white do-rag. He wears a red LeBron James Miami Heat basketball jersey, with the number 6 on it, and under the jersey, he has a grey shirt over another white shirt. He also wears baggy pants that sag, which cause his underpants to show. He has brown hair.


He seems extremely insecure about his presumably small penis, denouncing it when asked about it. This insecurity seems to cause him to act in the stereotypical "wigger" manner.


  • Wayne D: "Mah this shit is WHACK, mah, I just seen all this shit frontin, mah, Don't understan what it's like my pops ain't no mother fuckin good, mah, bitch be coming I be tappin that shit, mah."
  • Wayne D: "Nah man, my shit be packin', man"
  • Wayne D: "Man that shit be burnin' shit, man"
  • Wayne D: "And my mom gotta stop trippin', man. Bitch be trippin' all the time, man"


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