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The episode opens with a narrator narrating over clips from "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut". The narrator states that viewers have waited four long weeks to find out who the father of Eric Cartman is and that the cliffhanger payoff will not be seen. Instead, the HBC movie of the week, starring Terrance and Phillip, Not Without My Anus would be shown.

At a Canadian Courthouse, Scott the Dick is testifying against Terrance saying that he murdered Dr. Jeffrey O'Dwyer by repeatedly striking him in the head with a hammer. Scott shows evidence linking Terrance to the murder and yells at Terrance with disgust. Phillip proceeds to deliver their closing argument. He and Terrance start farting repeatedly, even to the point that the jury struggles to deliver their verdict. The court finds Terrance to be not guilty, causing Terrance and Phillip celebrate.

Upon exiting the courthouse, Terrance and Phillip plan to have a Kraft Dinner and then take the subway home.

At Scott's house, Saddam Hussein calls Scott and proposes a plan that will both get rid of Terrance and Phillip and make it so Saddam can take over Canada, to which Scott agrees.

At Terrance and Phillip's house, Terrance and Phillip meet with Ugly Bob. Ugly Bob appears to look like a normal Canadian to everyone but Canadians and Iranians. Phillip suggests that Ugly Bob wears a paper bag over his head so people don't see how horrendously ugly he is and then Terrance and Phillip enter their home. Terrance goes to put on a pirate costume while Phillip gets a letter for Terrance. The letter entails that his daughter, Sally, has been captured in Tehran. Terrance explains to Phillip, who doesn't know who Sally is, how he and Celine Dion had a little girl named Sally.

On the way to the airport Terrance and Phillip stop by Celine Dion's house to tell her about Sally.

At the Canadian Airport, Terrance and Phillip ask Ugly Bob how the paper bag is working out, Ugly Bob says it's great and he has a date on the following Friday. After Terrance and Phillip purchase tickets for the flight to Tehran, they, with others, sing the Canadian National Anthem, Meanwhile, Scott is contacting Saddam via walkie-talkie to discuss what will happen to Terrance and Phillip once they get to Tehran.

Terrance and Phillip find Sally rather quickly in Tehran and travel back home to find that posters of Saddam are all over Canada. They go to Celine Dion's house to find that she is sleeping with Ugly Bob. Terrance and Phillip show that Ugly Bob is ugly and Celine shrieks in horror. Scott then finds Terrance and Phillip alive.

Meanwhile, The U.S. government tells Saddam that he has exactly 3 years to remove his troops from Canada or else they'll bomb all of Iran. Once they leave, Saddam goes over his plan to take over the world, starting with Canada. Scott goes to Saddam because Terrance and Phillip are still alive and Saddam promptly forces Scott to leave.

While at home, Terrance and Phillip watch American television with one show being South Park. They watch the news and find out that Saddam has signed an agreement to let the U.S. government inspect his military operations and that Saddam is a dictator. Scott then calls Terrance and Phillip and tell them to meet him at Karl's Kroff Dinner Palace.

Saddam persuades Celine Dion to sing the Iranian National Anthem at the Roughriders Vs. Roughriders football game by promising to fix Ugly Bob's face.

At Karl's Kroff Dinner Palace, Scott tells Terrance and Phillip that Saddam taking over Canada is their fault, He gives Terrance and Phillip a bomb and tells them to strap the bombs to themselves at the football game. He explains the bomb will go off, killing Terrance and Phillip but also stopping Saddam.

Later, Phillip comes up with an idea to use chemical warfare via farting instead of blowing themselves up. They then start phoning everyone.

At the Roughriders Vs. Roughriders football game, during the half-time show, Celine Dion begins to sing the Iranian National Anthem. Terrance then alerts everyone that the plan is about start. Everyone then proceeds to put on gas masks and fart, causing Saddam and the Iranians to pass out from the fumes. The Canadians then start ripping Saddam apart and they sing the Canadian National Anthem.

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