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Token (known as Token Williams in this episode) is not only the only black child in South Park, he also happens to be the wealthiest. All of the other kids are picking on him for this, and he gets fed up with it. He then mails a payment for ad space in Forbes magazine, advertising South Park as the next Aspen. This gets the attention of many rich celebrities (with all of them being black, strangely enough), such as Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Oprah Winfrey, P. Diddy, Kobe Bryant, Snoop Dogg, Bill Cosby, etc., who decide to move to South Park. Mr. Garrison then gets annoyed by having all of these rich people (or "richers" and "cash chuckers", as he calls them), and the other, less affluent citizens soon follow suit. Even Token realizes that these rich kids are completely different from him, all speaking with snotty rich accents and doing typically upper-class activity's like polo which Token can't begin to understand, he's still as out of place as he was with the poorer kids. He then decides there's only one place left where he can go - the South Park Zoo, to live with the lions there.

The poor people in South Park begin to segregate the rich people more and more, as the original residents make up various laws which go against the rich people (disallowing them to eat in certain restaurants, drink in certain bars and forcing them to sit at the front of all the buses since the front seats are first-class seats, basically only allowing them to go to better places than the other residents go). Then, the black richers invite Chef, the only recurring black character other than Token and his parents, to join their marches against this rich discrimination, assuming that since he is black, he must be rich. Chef tries to explain to them that he isn't rich, but they offer him $100.00 if he'll join up all the same.

Token, meanwhile, has to put up with the lions, including the leader, Aslon's, stupid, lame jokes. He finally decides he no longer wants to be a lion, so he leaves and goes back home. When he gets back, the others say they missed him. He is surprised, and says he thought they didn't like him. They then explain that they only picked on him because they're guys, and that's a normal form of communication amongst them. Then they decide that they shouldn't tease him for being rich anymore, and instead mock him for being such a pussy, since he was unable to stand being called rich.

In the meantime, Mr. Garrison leads a group of poor people, dressed as what they think are ghosts (but actually look more like the suits of KKK members) and burn a lower-case 't' (as in "time to leave"). Mr. Garrison is convinced that this'll work, as all rich people are scared of ghosts. Sure enough, the rich people are scared, and flee the town upon discovering that it was "hainted" (haunted). Mr. Garrison then plans to sell all their houses and become rich. When everyone else points out that he'd only be becoming rich, when he hates rich people, he replies, "Well, yeah, but at least I got rid of all those damn ni — ", but is cut off by the ending credits before he can finish his final word.

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