Michael Bay is a Hollywood director famous for such films as the Transformers series and Pearl Harbor. He made his first appearance in the episode "Imaginationland", he later appeared in "200".


When the United States government asks assorted Hollywood directors for ideas on how to defeat the terrorists who have invaded Imaginationland, Michael Bay is amongst those selected. To the relief of the government officials interviewing them, he claims to have an idea that could help. He suggests they design massive CGI buildings that explode, 18-wheelers spinning uncontrollably and motorcycles that flip over helicopters, only to explode, with him making obnoxious sound effects.

When he is told that those are not ideas, but rather just special effects, he replies "I don't understand the difference", leaving the officials with no solutions to the terrorist threat.

Bay appears again, in a cameo role in South Park's 200th Episode, in which Tom Cruise organized 200 celebrities, in filing a class-action lawsuit against the town of South Park for years of mockery and abuse.


He has unusually red-colored skin (a joke about the orange filter used in the Transformers movies), blonde hair and a beard stubble. He wears a grey suit with light blue trims.

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