The Super Adventure Club is a pedophillic travel group featured in the Season Ten episode, "The Return of Chef". The club travels the world in order to molest the native children of the countries they visit.

背景 编辑

The group was founded by William P. Phineas who was an explorer. Unfortunately, wherever he went he was always beaten by somebody else who had reached there first. He decided that if he couldn't be the first person to reach a place, then he could be the first to molest the native children. As he molested children, he discovered tiny things in children's bodies, called "marlocks", which would enter his body and provide him with immortality "so sayeth the ruler of Benthos", a mysterious monster only mentioned during the explanation. Phineas was hit by a train in 1892 which killed him, despite his immortality.

The group is often confused with the Adventure Club. The difference is that that Adventure Club does not molest any children, and the super adventure club does.

Despite appearing primitive and old fashioned, they actually have a good understanding of modern technology, which is seen when they resurrect Chef at the end of "The Return of Chef".

The club only appeared in "The Return of Chef" which featured the boys trying to turn Chef back to normal after he continued saying suggestive, pedophiliac things which had led to a police inquest at South Park Elementary. The boys discovered the club's ways and tried to undo the brainwashing that had been done to Chef. They succeeded, but the club found Chef again and hit him with a tranquilizer dart. Upon recapturing him, they made him choose whether he should return to South Park or remain with the club. He chose the latter, but was killed when the bridge he was standing on was struck by lightning, leading to several injuries. The club managed to salvage his remains and resurrect him as Darth Chef.

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