赛琳娜·戈麦斯 is an actress, singer, and animal rights activist that works for the Disney Channel. She is also a member of several charitable foundations. She briefly appeared in the episode "祸从口出".


Likely due to her wholesome, kind, and charitable persona, Eric Cartman requested that she get beaten up by the school staff as the reward for his efforts against Wikileaks' antics. Selena Gomez was lured in by Mr. Adler, when Mr. Mackey and Principal Victoria took turns assaulting her. Then, Mr. Adler sent her out of the room, thus making Cartman satisfied enough to not blackmail the school.


Selena Gomez wears grey pants, tall brown boots, a yellow shirt with teal stripes, and a purple scarf. She also wears large gold earrings, a purple wristband on her right arm and pink and orange ones on her left arm, a conservative amount of make up, and can be seen holding a pink handbag. She has long black hair and rosy red cheeks.


  • While on a dinner date with Justin Bieber, Selena was assaulted in a restaurant by a fan of his a few weeks before "祸从口出" aired. This may have been the inspiration for her appearance in the show.
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