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本集开始于南方公园小学温蒂正在做关于叙利亚的演讲。当卡特曼开始对她喝倒彩的时候温蒂让加里森做点什么,但是加里森老师心不在焉地感谢了她的演讲并请彼得开始他的报告。 彼得向全班同学讲述了“谋杀教育成人片”,并且说这会导致父母们互相残害。


Later, Cartman calls Stan and tells him that Aaron Hagen's father killed his mother.

At the Hagen Residence, Stan joins the rest of the boys as Aaron's mom and dad are taken out of the house, making Aaron cry even more. His father, naked and covered in blood, shouts that a burglar is supposedly responsible for the murder as the police take him away. This leads the boys to go looking for trouble.

The next day, at the Community Center, Kyle Broflovski is holding a town meeting with the rest of the children of South Park. They are discussing the murder and its connection to "murder porn". Butters Stotch comments that he called the companies putting this "smut" on the air and that they told him to spend more time with his parents, implying that this was his own fault. When Wendy attempts to comment, Cartman starts booing her again. Kyle interrupts to tell everyone about an app, that serves as a parental lock and has a password only a child would know.

That night, at the Marsh house, Stan's parents start to fool around when Stan blocks the channel. Randy, confused and unable to answer the security question: "How do you tame a horse in Minecraft?", calls the cable company. They inform him that their children probably locked them out. Randy, naked, asks Stan how to tame a horse in Minecraft. Stan tells him that they don't need to watch "murder porn". Randy then tries to refute Stan by assuring him that he wouldn't kill Sharon because he would leave to much evidence and that he has been thinking about it a lot. Stan doesn't respond, leading Randy to say he'd rather have Jaden Smith as a son.

The next day, at the Get Cable Company, Randy and other adults are discussing their kids blocking the "murder porn". Stuart McCormick comes back and tells Randy that the Get Cable company is useless and aren't helping. Randy, mad, goes to talk to them himself. The employee tells him that there is nothing he can do, all while rubbing his nipples with pleasure. Stephen then informs the parents that he knows of Corey Lanskin, a boy who will teach parents Minecraft if paid.

Later, the parents go to Corey Lanskin's house to learn Minecraft. He initially refused, but then they offer him 100 ounces of silver. Corey rushes them in quickly. He teaches them the basics of Minecraft.

That night, at the Marsh house, Randy is still playing Minecraft, while Sharon lays in bed, tired.

The next day, Jimmy Valmer tells Kyle that the parental lock isn't working. Cartman averts their attention to Butters who tells them that he saw his dad kill his mom. The more he explains it, the more it becomes apparent that he is talking about Minecraft. Kyle comes to the realization that someone is teaching their parents Minecraft.

Again, at the Marsh Residence, the police asks Randy if he saw anyone preforming acts of vandalism typical on Minecraft multiplayer servers.

Later, at the community center, the kids are again meeting to discuss their dilemma. Many are angered because their parents are still watching "murder porn", but they are also ruining their online experiences in Minecraft as well. Cartman says that it was possible that the parents who did kill each other had nothing to do with the "murder porn". Wendy agrees with Cartman and Cartman again boos her for no reason. Suddenly, the police appear to be telling them to come out. When they do, however, they find Butters' dad, Stephen, built a huge castle on the roof of the community center. Randy appears with a pickaxe and mocks Stephen's castle. This pushes the children to act quickly.

The next day, the boys go to Corey Lanskin's house. When asked, he initially denies their claims. However, Cartman notices that a phrase Corey used was identical to what he would say if he was lying. After investigating, the boys discover Corey teaching Minecraft to adults in his basement. They inform him of their plans to use Minecraft to stop their parents watching spousal homicide television, and Corey informs them that if they wish to protect their family, they will have to fight their cable company directly.

Later, at the Get Cable Company, the boys confront the employee from earlier. He begins to feel pleasure from making everything as hard as possible. The boys ask for his supervisor who also feels that same pleasure, resulting in them rubbing each other's nipples. It has been revealed that they are sexually harassive crooks behind this murderous enterprise. When Stan mentions that it would bum their parents out if they couldn't watch their "murder porn", the company decides to drop the networks, and place them within a deliberately inconvenient packaging system.

Later, Randy is mad with Stan, which in turn makes Sharon mad. That night they decide to meet in Minecraft, and proceed to kill one another repeatedly with great pleasure.

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