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一个玛克拉外星人在飞船准备降落,但当这艘飞船降落之后,一只狮子跑出来,杀掉了外星人。Inside its spaceship, an alien Marklar is preparing to land. It does afterwhich and encounters lions that kill it.


在学校,两名中央情报局的特工告诉加里森先生,他们要跟四人组谈谈。在经历了残忍的折磨(听气球被刮破的声音)之后,卡特曼终于受不了了,并告诉了特工们饥饿马文的身份。Starvin' Marvin soon encounters the boys when his craft crashes into Cartman's house. They are then taken into space when the craft jumps into a wormhole and winds up on the planet Marklar. When they return, the CIA agents are waiting. The boys (except Kenny) manage to get back in the craft along with Starvin' Marvin and go back towards the planet Marklar in order to colonize it as a new home for the starving Ethiopians. The CIA manages to bribe Sally Struthers (who is now aHutt) with Kenny's body. The Christian missionaries then realize they can spread the word of Christ to the planet Marklar.

Pursued by the CIA and missionaries, the boys have to figure out a solution. Cartman manages to convince Sally Struthers to leave them alone and to help stop the missionaries by appealing to her by saying that they're trying to be like her and simply helping these people. Using a cable channel to raise funds the missionaries are able to raise enough money for a starship, replacement engine, and a device to escape from Struthers's tractor beam.

On Marklar, the boys cannot convince the Marklars to let the Ethiopians stay due to the fact they cannot adjust to Marklar linguistics since the language refers to everyone, everywhere and everything as Marklar. Kyle manages to speak Marklar by giving his usual big speech but replacing every word with 'marklar' and the Ethiopians and Starvin' Marvin are allowed to stay. Meanwhile, the missionaries, and CIA are dragged away. The boys make an empty promise that they'll return to which Cartman says "when Jesse Jackson is President..."

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