Tim Burton is a famous movie director. He has been criticized for doing numerous rehashes of old films and apparently hasn't had an original idea since Beetlejuice.

He was featured in the episode "200" as one of the celebrities that joined a class-action lawsuit against South Park, after Tom Cruise was called a fudge packer.

He was ridiculed for having Johnny Depp play all his main characters and for using "the same crappy music" (referring to the work of Danny Elfman) in his films.

外观 编辑

He appears as a caricatured version of his real-life self, with messy black hair and goatee. He wears a black suit with purple trim.

个性 编辑

He appears to be concerned with his self-image, being willing to join Cruise's lawsuit against South Park.

Tom Cruise also insinuates that he has a homosexual relationship of some kind with Johnny Depp, commenting, "And if you're that in love with Johnny Depp, then you should just have sex with him already," before adding, "A TV show could never say that!"

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