Shauna made her only appearance in "Erection Day". Jimmy Valmer arranged a date with her, in hopes to get her to have sex with him. After a brief discussion, Jimmy ruined his date after he said, "I am so glad you think so Shauna, because I really want to stick my penis in your vagina." Shauna responded by throwing her cup of water at him, calling him a creep, and leaving the restaurant in disgust.

外观 编辑

Shauna has long, orange hair. She wears a purple blouse with white trimming, two light cyan bows in her hair, a black skirt, and black shoes.

个性 编辑

Shauna was shown to enjoy gossiping, although unlike some girls, she seemed to know when to stop, only continuing on after being urged by Jimmy Valmer. Shauna's reaction when Jimmy said he wanted to have sex with her is typical of any girl in her age group.

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