艾莉森首次出现于第十一季“蕾丝防御战”Allison appears in the Season Eleven episode, "D-Yikes!".

背景 编辑

Allison meets Mrs. Garrison at a gym. After overhearing Garrison bad-mouthing men, she assumed that she's a lesbian and asks her to join her at the local girl bar Les Bos. After realizing that it's a lesbian bar, Mrs. Garrison freaks out, until calmed by Allison. After sharing a kiss, they spend the rest of the night having sex. Allison then joins Mrs. Garrison's crusade to protect Les Bos from rival Xerxes who wants to take over the bar.

外观 编辑

Allison has long, brown hair, wrinkles near her lip and chin, and tired eyes. She wears a pink, button-up shirt brown pants, and green earrings.

个性 编辑

She appears to be unintelligent, mistaking Mrs. Garrison's rantings about men as a confirmation of sexuality. Judging by her choice of Mrs. Garrison as a sexual partner, we can assume she likes "butch" women.

关系 编辑

赫伯特·加里森 编辑

She dated Mrs. Garrison in "D-Yikes!". Mrs. Garrison has since changed back into a man, so we can only assume their relationship is over.

冷知识 编辑

  • A woman who looks extremely similar to Allison appears in "Bass to Mouth". The woman is the mother of Vernon Trumski, the boy who had Lemmiwinks. The woman has the same body shape as Allison, and similar facial features.
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