Sir Elton John is an English singer and songwriter. He first appeared in the Season One episode "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", where he helps Jerome "Chef" McElroy serenade Kyle's Elephant and Cartman's pot-bellied pig, Fluffy, to get them into a love-making mood.

He later appeared in the Season 2 episode "Chef Aid", this time performing his own voice. The boys go to his mansion to sell him candy to raise money for Chef. He later signs on to play at the aid concert. Elton John performed the song "Wake Up Wendy" on Chef Aid: The South Park Album. He also appeared in the accompanying mockumentary, Chef Aid: Behind the Menu, in which he talked about Chef's influence on his career.

He makes a cameo at Chef's funeral in the Season 10 episode "The Return of Chef". In "Tonsil Trouble", he was supposed to play for an AIDS Benefit Concert for Cartman, but cancelled and played for a Cancer Benefit Concert instead.

He appeared once again in the Season 15 episode "Broadway Bro Down", alongside numerous other Broadway musical writers.

外观 编辑

For his first appearance in "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig", Elton John appeared in a pink shirt with a purple vest, red tie and green shorts. He had brown hair and wore rectangular-rimmed glasses. In his next appearance in "Chef Aid", he appeared in a white suit decorated with purple stars, a pair of purple star-shaped sunglasses and a white fluffy hat.

In "Broadway Bro Down", he appears dressed in a red and white jersey emblazoned with the logo of the Detroit Red Wings and wearing a pair of pink-tinted, black-rimmed sunglasses. His hair color also changed from brown to blonde and his facial features were drawn in considerably more detail.

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