Mr. Rodriguez is David Rodriguez's father and co-owner of Nueva Familia with his wife, Mrs. Rodriguez. He first appeared in the Season Nineteen episode, "You're Not Yelping".

背景 编辑

In "You're Not Yelping", Eric Cartman visits Nueva Familia claiming to be a food critic, while abusing his claim to receive large amounts of free food. Believing he is who he says he is, Mr. Rodriguez goes out of his way to ensure Cartman is satisfied. Rodriguez runs into the kitchen in a panic and asks his wife to rush two taco orders for Cartman, who then promptly demands free dessert for the 5-star review.

When he returns with the desserts, flan and an ice cream dish, he scolds David for arguing with Cartman. Two additional yelp critics arrive, and he rushes to provide them the same over-the-top treatment.

After Whistlin' Willy's stands up to Gerald Broflovski's antics as a yelp critic, Rodriguez becomes excited when Tuong Lu Kim suggests he do the same as well. Unfortunately, this was short-lived as the yelp critics fought back against Whistlin' Willy's. Rodriguez and his wife had decided to shut down the restaurant.

Not wanting to see his family's restaurant shut down, David calls out Cartman, and inadvertently all of the yelp critics. He then comes up with a plan to save it, as outlined in "The Yelper Special". Following that, Mr. Rodriguez prepares a "special" burrito for Cartman, filled with "home-made" cream sauce.

外观 编辑

Mr. Rodriguez wears black work shoes, black pants, and a plain brown shirt. He has black hair and no facial hair.

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