约瑟夫·史密斯 is the founder of Mormonism, and a member of the 超级好朋友(组合). His powers include the ability to blow cold air and ice from his mouth. He is also featured in the episode, "摩門教家庭". He appears briefly, with some other religious characters in "幻想大陆·上", when the boys are arriving with the Mayor.


Powers and Abilities编辑

In all appearances (except for "我的美国心"), he is shown to have the power of flight and cryokinesis, which is shown in his ability to project super-cold vapor from his mouth.


Joseph has short blond hair, he also has thick, yellow eyebrows. He wears a blue coat, a gold-colored vest, a white blouse, and brown pants.


In "我的美国心", he appeared to be manipulative, easily tricking people into thinking he was a prophet.

In "超级好朋友", he is a member of the 超级好朋友(组合), making him a valid religious figure.


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