第200集”中提到了他根本无法展示的“新规则”。 “超级好朋友”是有史以来唯一让他未经审查而出场的剧集,该集也因此在官网中被下架。




Muhammad, as he appeared in "I'm a Little Bit Country", wore yellow robes and three scarves, which were dark red, red, and green in color. He also wore an orange Turban. He had thick eyebrows and had dark facial hair.

Powers and Abilities编辑

He can fly and possesses the power of pyrokinesis. Sometime after the events of "Super Best Friends", Muhammad developed the super power of not being able to be made fun of, using some kind of goo according to Rob Reiner. Despite this ability, Family Guy was able to air an episode showing the uncensored image of Muhammad, although the show's manatee writers forced the Fox network to show the image.


  • 特雷·帕克: “我当时在迪斯尼世界度蜜月,我打开电视之后,就看见画面上一大帮穆斯林在示威,标题还写着:‘Muslims enraged over cartoon which led to a 9-11 terrorist attack’。我就说:‘我去,我们干啥了?’。我们在五年前还真做了一集包括穆罕默德的动画‘超级好朋友’,我们把他设定成了个超能力者,还让他变成了只海獭去杀林肯。我当时就想:‘他们看到那一集了,肯定就是因为这个他们全暴走了。’但并不是这样,他们是在骂别的卡通。So Matt and I were like, 'This is great; we have our first episode.' Comedy Central kept saying, 'We’re not going to broadcast a Muhammad episode.' And we said, 'You totally have the right, it's your network, but we're going to make one, and it's going to be one of the seven you pay for.'


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