Mr. Cotswolds is Mark Cotswolds and Rebecca Cotswolds' father. He home-schooled both of his children until they wanted to attend public school. He appeared in the Season Three episode, "Hooked on Monkey Fonics". He has not made another appearance.


He wears a red, presumably sweater, white "dress" shirt, black tie,brown jacket, green pants, and small, rectangular-framed glasses.


He, along with his wife, and children, lack decent social skills, remaining publicly unknown for quite some time. He looks down upon other adults because he believes they are not well educated compared to himself. He is extremely overprotective of his children. He home-schooled them as well as sheltered them from anything sexual or social. The fact is, Mr. Cotswolds himself is home-schooled.

However, at the end of "Hooked on Monkey Phonics", he realized his over-protectiveness was doing more harm than good, and allowed his children to attend public school.


Mrs. Cotswolds编辑

He is Mrs. Cotswold's husband. They both share similar personality traits, and as such, they tend to get along without issue.

Mark and Rebecca Cotswolds编辑

He treated both of his children similarly, protecting them beyond normal boundaries and shielding them from anything social or sexual. He presumably later started treating them normally, as Mark made him realize his parenting style was doing more harm than good.

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