Korn are an American nu metal band who appeared in the Season Three episode, "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery", as a Scooby Doo parody.


The group also appears to have useless super-powers in which clasping each other's wrists they are able to turn into two stalks of corn with butter, a kernel of corn, popcorn, and a can of creamed corn. They agree that it's useless when facing off against three pirate ghosts, but admit they do it solely because they think its kinda cool. The band is from Bakersfield, California and they premiered "Falling Away From Me", the first single from their fourth album, "Issues", in this episode. They also have a cameo in the intro from Season 6.


They are all very off-style, almost nothing like a South Park character model. They all have beady eyes and the same skin color. They are of varying weights.


The group behaves like five wholesome, polite, and sweet young men, with the stereotypical personalities of characters from 1960's Hanna-Barbara hit cartoon Scooby Doo. They often use phrases like "Groovy" and "Golly".


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