Pete Thelman is a third grader who first appeared in the Season Four episode, "Chef Goes Nanners", where he was on the debating team with Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski. He is not to be confused with the Goth Kids of the same name or with Pete Melman from "Bass to Mouth".


Pete Thelman was starting the third grade when the boys started the fourth. In the episode "Fourth Grade", they hit him for being a "stupid third-grader". In "Chef Goes Nanners", he was on the debating team with Stan and Kyle. In "Quest for Ratings", it was revealed that he urinates sitting down like a girl. Pete is also seen in "Raisins", when he is eating in the background, and in "Butterballs", where he is seen singing in Stan Marsh's anti-bullying video.


Pete wears a blue, hooded jacket with dark blue hemming and a red hat with a brown puff-ball and brown trimming. He has dark brown hair and large ears. He is short in stature compared to the other children. He can sometimes be seen wearing a brown shirt.


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