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知道电视上即将播放特伦斯和菲利普最新电影的预告片时,南方公园的所有孩子都疯狂了。他们寸步不离的守在电视前,以免错过预告片。这个预告片被安排在《Russell Crowe: Fighting Around the World》的广告期间,而四人组的电视似乎在不断的出问题……


The boys (Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Butters) stay for the night at Stan's to see the new Terrance and Phillip movie trailer which will be shown during one of the commercial breaks of Fightin' Around the World with Russell Crowe.

While watching the first minute of the show, waiting for the commercial to air, Shelly takes the remote from the boys in order to watch Buffy. Stan tells Shelly that she loves Russell Crowe a lot, but even though she agrees on that, she stated that the one thing she loves more than Russell Crowe is seeing Stan unhappy, explaining why she want to watch Buffy. Nevertheless, she agrees to let them watch, but only if they get her tampons.

Butters is sent to get the tampons. While Butters is out, Cartman thinks the TV's color is "saturated" and decides to fix a loose cable, causing the TV to explode.

The boys leave the house (along with Butters who happens to arrive with the tampons as they are about to leave) to watch it at Kyle's house.

At Kyle's house, the boys kick Ike off the TV and arrive before the first commercial break. While watching Russell Crowe travel to Tiananmen Square, China and beat up some random Chinese people, the boys are forced to go elsewhere, as Gerald Broflovski and Ike settle down to watch The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour.

Since the boys cannot go to Butters' or Cartman's place, they go to Chef's instead to watch on his new plasma TV.

The boys make it to Chef's just in time to watch the first commercial break. To their disappointment the trailer is not shown during the break. While continuing to watch Russell Crowe beat up African Americans and Puerto Ricans from New York, Chef tries to show the boys the features of his TV. He explains that his TV has the ability to play 3 channels at the same time. Unfortunately, he cannot quite figure out how to work the remote, and ends up inadvertently activating "HEM" mode. "HEM" turns out to be acronymous for "Human Eradication Mode" and the TV transforms into an ED-209-like machine. Chef's TV crashes through the wall and leaves the house to wreak havoc on the street, firing lasers at passers-by and cars. The boys leave Chef to solve his problem and go to the bar to use the TV there.

After watching Russell Crowe beat up his show's editor for cutting one of his fight scenes short, the barkeeper kicks the boys out of the bar since no children are allowed in. Kyle tries to convince the barkeep he and the other boys are midgets—even threatening him with charges of discrimination and prejudice. But he knows better. Snubbed again, they all head off to find a TV. Meanwhile, Chef is following his rampaging TV robot while talking to the customer service hotline trying to find out how to stop it.

The boys arrive at the "Shady Acres" retirement community and watch the Russell Crowe show not caring that the old people were using the TV. After watching Russell Crowe sing (which results in his tugboat friend Tugger attempting suicide), the second commercial break comes on (and "South Park" itself again takes a real commercial break). Again, the trailer is not aired. The old people themselves are getting sick of the Russell Crowe show and use their incontinence to get rid of the kids.

Having nowhere else to go, the boys go to Cartman's house instead to watch the Russell Crowe show even though Cartman's house is being fumigated. However the gas proves too strong and they leave Cartman's for Stan's house to use the black and white TV.

There's a problem though: Butters had the tampons through their whole entire journey, meaning Shelly did not get to use one. As soon as Stan turns the front door knob, the door flies open and a torrent of blood gushes through the door, flooding the boys back into the street—dousing and nearly drowning them. With all other options impossible, they see some crack addicts on the street with a small TV and join them to watch Russell Crowe beating up a man with cancer (since he cannot hit the cancer itself). The man is rail-thin, and hooked up to either an IV or an oxygen tank. The show is interrupted by Chef's TV destroying the tiny TV and killing one of the crack addicts. Chef is following and still talking to Customer Service.

The boys are lost with nowhere else to go and the last commercial break will be shown in a few seconds from now. The only option left is Butters's house, but Butters says that they cannot watch it at his place. The boys finally ask him why.... his parents are gone and he does not have a babysitter to watch over him. The others are angry because Butters' TV is still in his house working with nobody in it and he did not tell them ("We can kill Butters later," Stan says). They get to Butters' just in time to view the last commercial break AND the new Terrance and Philip movie trailer. The trailer turns out to be an incredibly vague teaser consisting of nothing but ambiguous text and a shot of the two farting while dressed as cowboys. This does not stop the boys from becoming ecstatic at having seen it. Happy and satisfied, the boys go to Clyde's to see the trailer again (since he taped it). The boys leave before the end of the Russell Crowe show is seen. Meanwhile, Chef's TV is still out on a rampage.

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