Raisins is a restaurant that first appeared in the episode "Raisins". It is a parody of Hooters.



The restaurant is an oblong shape with a sloped grey roof. It has an illuminated sign on the roof which says 'Raisins'. There are also tables outside - as well as a lot of posters - and the whole thing is surrounded by a wooden fence.


Inside, Raisins has a wooden paneled wall which has various posters, signs, and photographs of the employees posing with customers.


Raisins employs preteen girls who seem to be about the same age as the boys. The employees are usually seen wearing black mascara and red lipstick, although several others also wear eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and hot pink blush. All employees seem to be named after cars.


The Raisins Girls wear orange shorts and a T-shirt with the word 'Raisins' on it (the dots on the i's are flower heads and the letters are spaced so the dots fall where their nipples are). In "Quest for Ratings", the Raisins girls were shown in new, skimpier uniforms. However, in "Butterballs", they have seemingly reverted to their old, original uniforms.



  • The Raisins girls are all named after luxury cars.
  • Raisins is a parody of Hooters. 'Raisins' is slang for nipples, whilst 'Hooters' is slang for breasts.
  • In the Chinese version the names of the Raisins girls are Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki.
  • The Raisins girls appear in South Park: The Fractured But Whole as enemies, and the restaurant itself is a visitable shop.
  • Some pictures of the New York boys from the "World Wide Recorder Concert " episode can be seen inside the restaurant and a New York girl who appeared at the beginning of the episode can be seen as a Raisins Girl in a poster outside the restaurant. That makes no sense, since they don't live in South Park.
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