Jonesy is a musician and a member of Skyler's band in "Cat Orgy" and "Timmy 2000". He first appeared in the Season Two episodes "Clubhouses" and "Chef Aid".


Jonesy has long black hair. He wears black pants and a green shirt. In later episodes his shirt has a Zildjian logo on it.


Jonesy seems to have a negative attitude, even insulting himself and the other band members in "Timmy 2000".


  • "Clubhouses" - Attends Cartman's clubhouse party.
  • "Chef Aid" - Attends Chef Aid.
  • "Cat Orgy" - First speaking appearance. Plays with the rest of Skyler's band at Cartman's house.
  • "Timmy 2000" - Allows Timmy to join the band and competes in the Battle of the Bands.
  • "How to Eat with Your Butt" - Asks Cartman why he isn't laughing at the movies.
  • "Christian Rock Hard" - Jonesy and the band follow suit after Moop strikes.


  • Jonesy wears a T-Shirt which reads, "Zildjian" which is a reference to a company of the same name which supplies music to the show.
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