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At Jew Scouts, all the scouts go into the meeting room while all the squirts, younger children such asIke, go to the squirt's lair.

In the meeting hall, all the new members go through an initiation process involving having a giant bell put over your head and hitting it really loudly - Kenny's attempts to avoid the disorienting effect only made it worse for himself. They then go to make soap sculptures.

In the meeting room, a place that forbids entry to anyone while a meeting is taking place, is holding a meeting. Members from every sect of Judaism introduce themselves, while a new and seemingly unusual group also introduces itself.

The squirts are sent on a mission to go hunting with their leader who seeks to earn his Chutzpah badge. A bear manages to outwit them and takes the squirts one by one until their leader gives up and walks off.

Back at the base, the Jewish council shuns the new sect of Judaism, who worship Haman, away, deeming it too unusual to follow.

The Jew Scouts then prepare for Moses to arrive. He appears to them as a giant glowing levitating dreidel. He is given the soap sculptures. He soon discovers Kenny isn't a Jew and sends him away.

Soon, the anti-Semitic worshiper of Haman finally begins his plan; to free Haman and trap Moses. He takes all the Jews hostage, whose only chance of escape lies with Kenny.

Kenny wanders the forest and discovers the evil plan, but is grabbed by the bear. He then encounters the squirts and a bear cub. One of the squirts explain it's the cub's birthday and his mother brought them all to see him. Kenny explains what has happened back at base with the Haman worshiper.

Kenny and the squirts head back to base. The squirts form a ladder using each other and unlock the door. Kenny finds the shell Moses has been trapped in and smashes it open with his head, killing him. Moses is freed and manages to destroy the newly arrived Haman and his worshiper.

Kyle then explains they were wrong to shun Kenny away and Moses declares that every year they shall come together and give him tidings of soap sculptures, macaroni pictures, and paper plate bean shakers.

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