The Hundred Hands of Chaos is a mission in South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Prepare to meet the first super villain of the town of South Park ever: Professor Chaos!

Walkthrough and Story  编辑

逃出家中 编辑


这次的行动比较长一点,要解开这个门,需要金钥匙银钥匙铜钥匙。金钥匙在地下室门旁边的架子上,用Snap'n Pops 即可将其打下。银钥匙在 to knock it down; the Silver Key is on the couch but protected by a moat with electricity, use Timefart Pause to get to it; the Bronze Key is next to The New Kid's father; he will be seen sleeping in the kitchen beside the opened refrigerator, simply take it from his hands.

Use the keys to open the locks, and Snap'n Pops to crack the bolts, you can ignore the plates as they won't prevent you from going out.

Now open the door to your adventures.


A short cut scene will then play, whereby Toolshed is shown to be waiting for The New Kid outside; he jumps out of a bush next to The New Kid's House and do a few of his moves. With the responsibility he believe he carries, he will lead The New Kid to the place.

On the way, he will explain about his superhero backstory on how he acquired his power from a lighting storm while his father was left mentally impaired; this can be further confirmed when you go past his house and see Randy keying the family car again. He continues to talk about his backstory after the incident, describing the reasons of his deeds, which is his dad.

Toolshed will lead you to Kenny's House, known as "the home of Mysterion", while he finish his talk about his backstory and asking what The New Kid's backstory is. Upon noticing The New Kid remaining silent (as always), he will conclude that The New Kid's backstory must be tragic, and decides not to ask any further. Proceed to talk to him and he will open the window to The New Kid and himself in.

File:20180415191339 1.jpg

Before talking to Stan, you can head to the utmost right of the area: you will witness Towelie "making it out" with a customer. You can keep watching them do their "act" for as long as you like, if you're done you can throw Snap N Pops at the box covering them; they will then stop their "act" and scurry off.

Once inside Kenny's House, use Snap N Pops to break the "BEER" sign hanging on the wall to obtain the Fuse of High Tolerance artifact. Next, proceed to the kitchen; use Snap N Pops to break the cupboard on the top right corner to obtain a Macaroni component to craft the Moses Summon. Leave the kitchen and make your way to the corridor by the left, where you can hear Kenny's parents arguing inside their bedroom. Head to the first door on the left to Kenny's siblings room, where you can a find a piece of Creek Yaoi Art as well as the recipe for the Starchild Costume (Headwear and Clothes).

Next, go to Kenny's room, loot the chest inside the room before going in the closet. Press the red button on the wall, a secret passage will appear to let you pass through. Before going through, use Snap N Pops on the top corner to obtain a Cheesing Vial. After going through the passage, you will be at the house's backyard; proceed to the left where an air compressor is located. Toolshed will then proceed to show you his ability: Sandblaster. Turn on the air compressor, and Toolshed will demonstrate his power by blowing away the "lava" that is blocking the way (a hole in the fence to be exact).

Before going through the hole, drag the grill stand with a propane tank placed next to the air compressor to the part of the fence which has a crack on it. Light it up with Snap N Pops and throw a fart at it to make it explode, revealing an opening. Enter the opening and loot the chest at the end containing the Scar Wound accent makeup. Don't forget to also loot the bag placed outside next to the grill stand. Once complete, go through the hole and you will reach The Lofts of SoDoSoPa. First, go to the opening where a pinwheel for Fartkour is located, then loot the chest hiding behind the wall. Proceed to the left of the area, you will spot some bums blocking the 'secret passage'; as the negotiation by Toolshed fails to work, you would have to use force to speak for yourself!

Battle: Bums of Historic SoDoSoPa

This battle isn't difficult; as it is your first combat with Toolshed, it serves more as a tutorial for his abilities in combat. You can simplify the fight by burning them before the battle begins by throwing a fart at the campfire in an oil drum.

You will find a Bruiser and a Swarmer on the left and right, take out the Swarmers if you want to stay free from damage. Toolshed can attack at great range, so he can be used to attack and push back faraway enemies.

Upon victory, you will be rewarded with the Sanity Siphon artifact and the Primal Aggression DNA slot.

After you defeat the Bums, the access to the passage will be opened. Before leaving though, proceed to pick up a Creek Yaoi Art pinned on one of the tents, and loot the couch, dustbin and coins scattered across the area. Once done, proceed through the passage, whereby you'll be at the abandoned South Park Train Station. Keep heading up and you'll arrive at the intended place: U-Stor-It.

Professor Chaos, On Scene! 编辑

File:20180413174806 1.jpg

Once arriving at the U-Stor-It entrance, a cut scene will play, whereby The Coon makes his appearance to Toolshed and The New Kid, together with the other Coon and Friends members. Toolshed angrily states that helping Coon and Friends wasn't part of the deal, but the Coon states that The New Kid is one of them and as such they work together. Having no choice, Toolshed then uses his Sandblaster ability to clear the "lava" blockade to enter the facility. Once cleared, Toolshed and the Coon and Friends proceed inside to look for the cats.

Once you've entered inside, you can now move around the area. Before picking up the shining mask on the floor though, head to the U-Stor-It front office first. Use Snap N Pops to get the office's back room key, then get into the back room. Loot the safe inside to obtain the Champion Suit, then leave the front office. Next, head to the store room shutter door located at the very right of the area. You will then be inside the store room, where there's a box of fireworks and a giant clock blocking a ladder. First, drag the firework box to the very right of the room, where there will be a container with cracks on the side of it. Light up the firework box with Snap N Pops and throw a fart to it to explode the box, breaking the crack to reveal some crafting components that you can loot. Next, use Timefart Glitch to put the firework box back to its original state; proceed to explode the firework box onto the giant clock, allowing the ladder to be moved to the other end. First, loot the chest behind the giant clock to obtain the Pencil Stache costume item, then climb up the ladder and loot the chest at the left end containing the Continuum Enforcer artifact. Climb down and make your way out of the store room.

Loot the bags located outside, then you may proceed to pick up the shining mask on the floor. A cut scene will then play, whereby Toolshed will come up to The New Kid to ask about what has been discovered, but the group is then ambushed by Professor Chaos, who appears on a giant screen set up outside. He then proceeds to shut the front gates and send hamsters in balls to attack them. However, this proves to be futile; the group proceeds to press on. Go through the storage room on the right to proceed to the next area.

File:20180414000050 1.jpg

At the next area, you will find a wall with a boiler at the bottom blocking the way. Use Diabetic Rage to tip the boiler over, then move it back to its original position with Timefart Glitch to clear the way to the next area.

You will then reach a loading bay, whereby there will be another shining mask on the floor. Proceed to pick it up and another cut scene will play, whereby Professor Chaos appears once again on multiple screens set outside. He will send his minions out to ambush the group again, and this time it's for real!

Battle: Chaos Minions

The battle is split into 2 waves. The first wave consists of Professor Chaos' Chaos Kids and Chaos Dogs. Mostly they are close range attackers, but some of the Chaos Kids have ranged attacks. They are rather easy to beat though. Note that Toolshed is a locked party member for the battle. Use The Coon's Coon Pounce or Coon Lunge (he will be selected as a party member for the battle by default) to bunch the enemies together (best in a row), then use Toolshed's Drillslinger to knock them into submission.

After defeating the first wave, Professor Chaos proceeds to send an army of Mexicans minions. Use the same strategy as used against the Chaos Kids and Chaos Dogs if possible, they're also relatively easy to be dealt with.

Once the battle is complete, head to the storeroom door on the right section. Before that though, open the storeroom door in the center to loot a chest which contains the Cloth Eye Mask costume item.

Once accessing the door on the right, you will be inside a warehouse with a path blocked by a gun turret. Use Timefart Pause to stop time, then head to the right to turn off the switch of the gun turret. Once the gun turret is deactivated, push the box of fireworks to the far right end, where there will be part of a wall with cracks on it. Light the firework box with Snap N Pops, then throw a fart to explode the firework box, creating a hole to the next section. Before leaving, make sure to loot the chest containing the Wasteland Suit and Shades on the upper corner by climbing up the stack of boxes shaped like a stairway.

After leaving the warehouse, there will be a solid wall blocking the path while a scaffolding is located next to it. Use Fartkour to climb to the top of the scaffolding, then make your way down with the ladders, bypassing the wall. Before leaving the area, open the warehouse door below the scaffolding, revealing two chests whereby one will drop onto the ground level while another will drop slightly above the scaffolding area. To get to the upper chest, climb back up the ladder onto the scaffolding, then use Timefart Glitch to place back the ladder at its original position. Make your way through the scaffolding to loot the chest containing the Face Tendrils costume item. Later, make your way down to loot the other chest containing the Abyssal Timepiece recipe. As the other path upwards will be blocked by "lava", make your way to the right of the area.

At the next area, you will encounter Super Craig standing next to a truck. Approach him and a brief cut scene will ensue, whereby Call Girl will make her appearance to the group. Once the cut scene ends, make your way to the right to exit the area. Before leaving the area, loot the bag to obtain an Enriched Antidote.

At the following area, proceed right until you encounter Toolshed standing in front of a pile of "lava". The Coon and Super Craig will then appear on the warehouse rooftops, whereby The Coon will briefly argue with Toolshed before dropping a box to the ground. Approach the box to push it, first by pushing it to a stack of crates where a chest is located. Climb up the stack of crates and loot the chest to obtain a Maximum Revive Serum. Once the chest is looted, make your way down and push the box to the other end whereby there's a gap between two ramps. Once the box is pushed into place, you can bypass the "lava" blockade, with Toolshed following suit. Proceed to the warehouse door at the far right to enter the next area.

General Disarray 编辑

After entering, a cut scene will be played, whereby Professor Chaos's second-in-command is revealed. You will be forced to confront him in combat.

Battle: General Disarray

He will be at the most right of the battlefield, surrounded by an army of Chaos minions. Only General Disarray is required to be defeated to complete the mission. Note that like the first battle, Toolshed is a locked party member.

General Disarray will primarily use his Robo Arm attack, whereby he will control a mechanized claw carrying a bag of "lava". Once he has initiated the attack, a real-time event timer bar will appear. Once the bar is filled, the "lava" will be poured to the ground, affecting a 5-tile cross shape area.

The best way to defeat General Disarray is by isolating him away from his Chaos minions. Use The Coon's Coon Pounce or Coon Lunge (he will be selected as a party member for the battle by default) to bring him out to an open area of the battlefield. He will proceed to call in more Chaos minions into the battlefield, but ignore the minions as much as possible while focusing all attacks on General Disarray. If possible, whenever General Disarray prepares to launch his Robo Arm attack, use Timefart Glitch to stop the attack from happening.

When General Disarray's health bar drops to around half of its level, he will proceed to summon a Mecha Minion. Continue ignoring the minions while focusing all attacks on General Disarray.

Once General Disarray is defeated, you will be rewarded with the Diabolic Inscription artifact and The Ginger Sense DNA slot.

A cut scene will then play, whereby The Coon angrily destroys the remote held by General Disarray, resulting the robotic arms carrying the "lava" to malfunction and spill the "lava" everywhere on the floor. Super Craig is then seen trapped between the "lava"; with no way to rescue him, the group seems hopeless, while Super Craig is seen resigned to his fate.

Once the cut scene ends, open up Inspection Mode. Move the cursor to the "lava" pile in front of Super Craig, then scan the "lava" pile. The Buddy Power hologram will then appear, make your way to it and interact with it. Toolshed will then make his way to the "lava" pile, whereby The New Kid proceeds to take the hose of his sandblaster and plugs it to the buttocks. Activate the button prompts appearing on screen (move the left control stick to the left and the right control stick to the right for Xbox and Playstation; hold A key and Right arrow key for PC by default); The New Kid will then unleash a powerful fart that blasts the "lava" pile away, knocking back Super Craig at the same time.

File:20180414094746 1.jpg

A short cut scene will ensue, whereby The Coon rushes to Super Craig and proceeds to give him an injection; Super Craig angrily reacts in return. After the cutscene, Toolshed acknowledges The New Kid's anal powers; a new Buddy Ability will then be unlocked: Sandblaster.

File:20180414170914 1.jpg

After that, you'll be returned to field of play where Human Kite can be seen up a ladder. You can proceed with him up the ladder, where you will be led to the roof of the warehouse, where a water tower is located, guarded by a Chaos Kid who proceeds to pour "lava" to block the path.
File:20180224175832 1.jpg

To take the Chaos Kid down, use Snap N Pops at the top plank to make him fall down to the ground. Next, break the plank on the top right corner with Snap N Pops to make the plank drop down. After that, break the left corner of the plank with Snap N Pops to make the plank drop down to the ground. If you wrongly break any of the planks, you can use Timefart Glitch to rewind the planks back to its original positions. Proceed to clear the "lava" blockade with the Sandblaster ability, then make your way up to the water tower via the broken planks. Head to the hologram at the top, whereby Human Kite and The New Kid will Fartkour back to the area where the scaffolding and "lava" pile is.

You will end up at the roof of the warehouses at the area. Loot the containers at the area and also the bags near the pile of containers at the left end; one of the bags contains an Enriched Antidote. Interact with the ladder on the bottom corner and make your way down. Once you've reached the ground, Call Girl will then show up, asking The New Kid if anything can be done about the "lava" blockade. Use the Sandblaster ability to clear the blockade, then proceed through the path; loot the bag at the far end along the way.

There's also the option of not following Human Kite up the ladder. From the warehouse where you battled with General Disarray, use Sandblaster to clear the "lava" path blocking the warehouse entrance. Make your way out to the area where The Coon dropped a box for you to bypass the "lava" pile earlier in the mission. You can now use your Sandblaster to clear the "lava" blockade away. Head to the left back to the area where the truck wrapped in aluminium foil is placed. The area will always have a group of Chaos minions awaiting next to the truck; you can take them on or escape the area by stunning them with Snap N Pops or by farting on them. You will then reach the area where the scaffolding and "lava" pile is. Human Kite will proceed to make a post to Coonstagram, whereby he informs The New Kid that it's fine if The New Kid doesn't want to follow him up the roof.

Once leaving the area, you will be at another area of warehouses. Get inside the very first warehouse door seen at the area, you will be inside the warehouse where some belongings of the South Park Gazette reporter is stored. There will be a moat of electrified water blocking the way to the chest located behind it. Activate Timefart Pause to cross the moat, then loot the chest to obtain the Trinity of Reflection artifact. Leave the warehouse afterwards.

Back outside, proceed leftwards, looting any containers and breaking any boxes along the way. You will then encounter a group of Chaos minions standing next to a truck, which has a ladder and a bag on top of it. You can take the Chaos minions head on, or use Timefart Pause to loot the bag first and stun the Chaos minions to escape them. Keep heading leftwards to exit the area.

You will then enter another area of warehouses, whereby The Coon and Super Craig is seen standing outside. Before interacting with the warehouse door, loot the bag hidden behind a stack of containers where Super Craig is standing. Proceed to interact with the warehouse door afterwards.

The Cats Revealed 编辑

A cut scene will then play, whereby the warehouse is revealed to be a lab where some bums are making drugs (known as 'cheese') with some cats strapped onto slings. The Coon will proceed to ask where Scrambles is; one of the bums mentions Scrambles will be sent to the boss man itself, another bum will then retort saying that they're not allowed to speak about him. The bums will then proceed to attack you, you will have to stand your ground against them.

Battle: Meth Heads of U-Stor-It

There will be four Meth Heads to take on; the battle area will be surrounded by explosive drums. Note that Toolshed is a locked party member for the battle; you can make use of his Spiral Power and Drillslinger ability to clear the explosive drums. Halfway through the battle, Call Girl will show up to fight; she will be unlocked as a Combat Buddy from this point on. With Call Girl, make use of her Phone Destroyer ability to attack the Meth Heads as well as clear any explosive drums remaining. If the Meth Heads are positioned close to the explosive drums, use the explosive drums to your advantage, where they will be knocked back by the drums when exploded. Use any of your attacks on the Meth Heads, they are relatively easy to beat.

File:20180414215312 1.jpg

You will be rewarded with the Filter Mask costume item upon victory.

When the battle has ended, a cut scene will play, where Call Girl will ask why is this being done. One of the defeated bums will say that this is being done to simply raise crime around South Park; he then proceeds to grab a cat and sniff it, getting knocked out while tipping over some chemicals which got lighted in the process. An explosion then occurs; the superheroes quickly make their escape.

Once the cut scene ends, proceed to the right end, where there will be a warehouse door protected by a passcode security system (similar to the one in Cartman's House). Call Girl will then hack it, the passcode will be revealed to be 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 (all saying Chaos in different voice tones). Input the passcode to unlock the warehouse door and make your way through.

You will be inside the warehouse (apparently Professor Chaos' personal lair), whereby there will be a group of Chaos minions blocking the way together with four baseball turrets. To get the advantage, first open Inspection Mode and scan the pipe hole at the left, then use your Sandblaster ability afterwards. A box of fireworks will drop next to the Chaos minions. Explode the box by throwing Snap N Pops and a fart to it, it will destroy half of the baseball turrets and stunning some of the minions. Proceed to punch the minions to engage them in combat.

Battle: Chaos Minions, again

As per previous battles, Toolshed is a locked party member. The initial batch of Chaos minions will be four Chaos Kids and two of the baseball turrets. Make use of Toolshed's Spiral Power to attack the Chaos Kids and the turrets at the same time if positioned properly. If Call Girl is selected into the party, make use of her Phone Destroyer to inflict Defense Down on the enemies, making them easier to be defeated. You can also use the turrets to your advantage, place the Chaos Kids in front of it; when the turn of the turrets arrive they will fire a ball that will smack the Chaos Kids for some damage (the turrets' attack will only hit the very first target in front of it).

Once the Chaos Kids has been defeated and the turrets destroyed, more Chaos Kids and two Chaos Dogs will appear on the left. Similar to the first batch, simply defeat them, making full use of Toolshed's Spiral Power and Call Girl's Phone Destroyer. After defeating some of them, a Mecha Minion will show up. It's best to use Call Girl's Blocked ability to distract the Mecha Minion, it will get Enraged and focus solely on Call Girl, also giving Call Girl a high defensive shield. You can use your other party members to attack the Mecha Minion. Defeat the Mecha Minion and destroy the turrets (if still not destroyed yet) to end the battle.

You will be rewarded with the Agonizer of Gaia artifact upon victory.

Professor Chaos Appears! 编辑

After the battle, make your way to the right of the warehouse, where there'll be a ladder to the roof blocked by a "lava" pile. Use Sandblaster to clear the "lava" pile, then climb up the ladder to proceed. Before heading up the ladder, loot the bag located next to a throne chair on the far right.

Upon climbing the ladder, you will be on the roof of the warehouse, where it is decorated with massive amounts of tinfoil. Toolshed will be seen looking at the scene in front of the warehouse, proceed to talk to him. A cut scene will play, whereby Toolshed expresses surprise on what is going on. Professor Chaos's voice will then be heard, congratulating on being able to make it this far while the rest of the group appears on the warehouse roof. Mosquito then proceeds to call Professor Chaos to come out and "fight like a man"; Professor Chaos will then make his physical appearance with his creation Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme; you will then be engaged in combat with it.

Battle: Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme

File:20180224182438 1.jpg

Just as with the previous battles, Toolshed will be a locked party member. Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme's will consist of three forms.

Phase 1: 10 Layer Chaos Supreme

The battle will start in his first form; this will be your first authentic supersized boss battle (not counting the Dragon), where the opponent occupies a bigger area of the battlefield, but also having a bigger hitbox. Professor Chaos will always have two actions each turn during combat. The first action being a telegraphed attack where he will fire missiles from his missile launchers, the missiles' attack will come on the next turn. The next attack will be shooting "lava" from the "middle section" of his creation, the "lava" will land on the ground in a 5-tile cross shape, damaging the center and causing Burning if any party members are in the affected area. Note that Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme is immune to almost all status effects except Defense Down, Shocked and Grossed Out. Call Girl will be of great use here, her Phone Destroyer ability will be able to land a hit to Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme from a distance away while applying Defense Down to it. During the "lava" attack, use Timefart Glitch to gain the upper hand, also try to stay clear of Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme's telegraphed missile attack. Inflict all of your party members' strongest attack to Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme; Captain Diabetes or The Coon is recommended as they have high health and relatively powerful abilities. Make use of Toolshed's Drillslinger to attack from a distance, also use his healing ability Revitotron-9000 to recover some health to your other party members if needed.

Once the first form of Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme is defeated, its bottom half will disintegrate, with the Chaos minions making it up fleeing the battlefield. Chaos Med Bots will then appear, assisting to heal Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme.

Phase 2: 5 Layer Chaos Supreme

Med Bots are there to heal Professor Chaos, and the heal is pretty large. The Chaos Supreme will lose its ability to fire Lava Piss, but will still have the power to fire missiles. Focus on the Chaos Med Bots first, as they have relatively low HP, their healing ability to Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme also will prolong the fight. Professor Chaos will also always have two actions each turn during combat, the first being the same telegraphed attack where he will fire missiles from his missile launchers, while the next attack will be a close range attack, slamming his "arm" to any party members within attacking distance, no attack will take place if no one stays beside him. Just like the first form, stick with the same strategy; using Call Girl's Phone Destroyer to inflict Defense Down and using your other party member's strongest attacks, also make use of Timefart Glitch when possible to cancel out Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme's attacks.

Once the second form of Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme is defeated, its top half will disintegrate, with the Chaos minions making it up fleeing the battlefield as well.

Final Phase: Mini Chaos Supreme

The third form will only have Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme's control unit left supported by two Chaos Dogs. Professor Chaos will also always have two actions turn during combat. In this form, Professor Chaos will have three abilities, including rushing through your team, spraying urine around to cause Grossed Out, and just bite with the dogs' mouth. Similar to the first two forms, stick with the same strategy; using Call Girl's Phone Destroyer to inflict Defense Down and using your other party member's strongest attacks, also make use of Timefart Glitch when possible to cancel out Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme's attacks.

Upon taking down the final form of Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme, the Chaos Dogs will proceed to flee while Professor Chaos will drop down defeated. You will be considered victorious in the battle, while being rewarded with the artifact Supreme Fist of Chaos and the Chaos Suit costume.

After the battle against Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme, a cut scene will play, where the superheroes (minus Call Girl) surround the defeated Professor Chaos. Human Kite then tried to shake him awake, with Super Craig claiming that he might be dead. However, The Coon then states that Professor Chaos isn't dead and proceeds to kick his head, waking him up. Then Coon then proceeds to detain him and bring him back to the Coon Lair. The superheroes then disperse, except The New Kid, Human Kite and Toolshed. Human Kite tries to convince Toolshed to rejoin Coon and Friends, however Toolshed declines and proceeds to leave the place.

The Mastermind Revealed 编辑

Later, you will find yourself in the Coon Lair. Proceed down the stairs and head to your usual seat at the meeting table. A cut scene will then play, whereby Fastpass will ask if Professor Chaos's scheme is being backed by an adult. Professor Chaos, seen detained in the Coon Lair's then states that the backer is someone who is nameless, faceless and is able to change like the direction of wind in time. This startled The Coon, and Professor Chaos continues to explain the prophecies by his backer. As Chaos talks, The Coon thinks and then states that he knows who the backer of Professor Chaos's scheme is: Mitch Conner. Human Kite then retorts on The Coon's claim as being ridiculous, with The Coon proceeding to brief about Mitch Conner's backstory through the Coon Lair's iPad station. However, Human Kite is having none of this and proceeds to leave the Coon Lair for bed. The Coon then proceeds to ask the others to leave and head to bed to prepare for the next day, while he looks on to the iPad station on the mugshots of Mitch Conner.

On the next day in-game, another cut scene will play, whereby it will the South Park Morning News, displaying news relating to the events of the mission. After the morning news, the scene will then shift to South Park Elementary, whereby The New Kid is seen leaving the school but is caught up by Call Girl (as Wendy). She then proceeds to ask The New Kid to meet her at the playground bathrooms. She will then make her way and wave goodbye to The New Kid; the mission will be then complete.

Trivia 编辑

  • In earlier versions of South Park: Fractured But Whole, a Costume item known as Filter Mask (eyewear) will be rewarded after defeating the Meth Heads. Oddly enough, the reward seems to have been removed.
    • The reward has been reinstated in a recent update (now listed as headwear).
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