Wikileaks was a rat that listened to kids' gossips and secrets and posted them on the website "Eavesdropper". He appeared in the Season Fifteen episode, "Bass to Mouth". Wikileaks is Lemmiwinks' older brother.


Wikileaks appears as a regular rat with dark gray fur and a blond head of hair.


In "Bass to Mouth", he enjoyed posting about the students of South Park Elementary on Eavesdropper, even though any potential self-benefit is outweighed by the cost of running and maintaining a website.

He obsessively posts about the students, even putting himself at risk of being caught. Wikileaks was shown to be intelligent enough to operate a computer, and record things with a helmet cam.


  • Wikileaks' name and character is a reference to Julian Assange's website WikiLeaks, on which leaked government documents are posted and made available for download.
  • Wikileaks' hair is the same color and style as Julian Assange.
  • Wikileaks is also used to reference the rat and villain "Martin" from The Secret of NIMH 2.
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