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Cowboy Timmy sings "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" with a chorus of South Park children, followed by an introduction by Mr. Hankey sitting in a couch by the fireplace in his sewer home. He tells the audience all about what's coming up in the episode; it is a collection of songs dedicated to Christmas and other winter holidays.

Kyle is trying to teach Ike how to play with a dreidel, and sings "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel". Cartman and Stan join in and sing their own verses of the song along with Kyle's, followed by a verse by Sheila Broflovski. Gerald Broflovski adds the last verse, which confesses his love for Courteney Cox. Finally, they all sing their five parts of the song together.

Adolf Hitler is seen kneeling beside an empty tree support. As he sadly sings "O Tannenbaum", he remembers all his years with Christmas trees. Satan happens by and, realizing that Hitler is crying because there's no tree, leads the almost all the other residents of Hell to sing the song, "Christmas Time in Hell".

Mr. Mackey, dressed as a bell, sings all four parts of "Carol of the Bells" himself.

We then see Cartman, dressed in formal wear, in the town of Bethlehem. He sings "O Holy Night", but changes some of the lyrics to be about how he loves to receive presents and sweets.

Mr. Garrison is seen in class teaching the kids about the countries that do not celebrate Christmas, such as the Middle East, India and Japan. He sings "Merry Fucking Christmas" and explains how he goes into each of those countries every year and forces them into celebrating.

Shelly sings "I Saw Three Ships", while Stan and Kyle laugh at poke fun at her behind her back. She keeps warning them, and telling them to shut up, but they persist. At the end of the song, she finally takes the piano she was playing and drops it on them before calmly walking away.

Santa Claus and Jesus are then seen on a stage singing a Christmas Medley. Jesus wants to sing carols about himself, while Santa also wants to sing songs about himself. They finally get into a medley of songs, each competing with the other over the song topics.

We then end with Mr. Hankey, and the entire cast of the episode singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas".

The episode ends with the anchorman "fighting the frizzies" and Dreidel song playing. 

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