The Canadian Minister of Mobile Gaming, also known as Beelzaboot, the Canadian Devil or The Canadian Satan appeared in the Season Eighteen episode, "Freemium Isn't Free", where he created the freemium mobile game, Terrance and Phillip Give Us Your Money, extracting money from gaming addicts to enrich Canada's infrastructure. He is eventually revealed to be the Canadian Devil, Beelzaboot, and is defeated by Satan. Satan also mentions that it's not the first time Beelzaboot creates a no-brainer temptation without any sense of nuance, and there has been a struggle between them for ages because of that.


The Canadian Minister of Mobile Gaming, like the other Canadians, has beady eyes and a Pac-Man-like head that flaps up and down. He is balding, has brown hair and a mustache, and wears a gray suit with a black tie. He initially speaks with a French-Canadian accent, later switching to a normal accent before revealing his true self.

As the Canadian Devil, he resembles a smaller, Canadian version of Satan. He has red skin and dark red demon wings, his brown hair and mustache has turned black, and he has small horns atop his head and one fang in his mouth. He also carries a red pitchfork, and occasionally farts fireballs. 

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