Glen was a resident of South Park who was also Head of Safety on the City Council. He made his first appearance in the Season Ten episode "Cartoon Wars Part I" as a background character and made his first speaking appearance in the Season Eleven episode, "Night of the Living Homeless". He died from a shotgun blast to the face in the same episode by Randy Marsh.


He took over as Head of Safety after Chef died in the Season Ten episode, "The Return of Chef". It is clear Glen inherited this title, only to die as well.


Glen wore a checkered plaid shirt and had distinctive red curly hair. He also wore tan pants, a black belt, and had a long brown mustache.


He was similar in personality to any other resident, which could be seen during the town meeting in which he goes along with the various ideas of dealing with homeless overrunning the town. He also becomes very panicked when he finds out he is homeless, being very worried about his situation instead of the town's.


Glenn's wife called his cell phone to tell him they lost their home.


  • Glen: "There's no help coming! She said... because of all the homeless... because of all the homeless in South Park property values have plummeted. I had two liens against my house and so the bank is foreclosing! I don't have a home anymore." from "Night of the Living Homeless".


  • Glen may not have been turned into a homeless, but Randy killed him because he was asking for change like one.
  • He was briefly seen naked in "Cartoon Wars Part I".
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