Jeffry L. Goldblum appeared in the Season Seven episode, "Cancelled", parodying his role in Independence Day, as the scientist researching alien life forms.

背景 编辑

Jeff Goldblum also makes a cameo in the episode, "Britney's New Look", where he can be seen right behind Gerald and Sheila Broflovski as they make their way into the front of the crowd of photographers.

外观 编辑

As he appears on South Park, Jeff Goldblum wears a white lab coat with his name tag over a formal red shirt. His name tag reads Dr. Goldbloom. He also wears a gray undershirt, round-framed glasses, and has black hair.

个性 编辑

He relies on a sort of strange circular logic to solve problems.

出场 编辑

"Cancelled" "Britney's New Look"

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