Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, acting as chairman and chief executive officer of the company. He appears as the main antagonist of the Amazon story arc in Season Twenty-Two.


In the episode "Unfulfilled", Bezos has made a deal with Mayor McDaniels to install an Amazon Fulfillment Center in South Park and is angered when a strike occurs and orders cannot be fulfilled, affecting his business.

In response, he deprives strikers of their Amazon premium memberships in order to force them to return. He also manages to kill Josh Carter, the strike leader. When things are about to get back on track, Randy shows up with townfolks who are all high on weed, and spoils Bezos' plan.


The most prominent feature of Jeff Bezos is unarguably his ridiculously large skull, with veins standing out. Funny enough, his head looks like a large buttock when observing from behind. He wears a light grey suit.


  • Bezos is the only character in the series who doesn't move their lips when speaking, because he speaks telepathically.
  • His appearance and telepathic ability is a reference to the the Talosians from Star Trek: The Original Series pilot episode "The Cage".
  • In "Unfulfilled" he mentions that he longs to return to Bezos and the ending song in "Bike Parade" refers to him as "Bezosian".


  • "Unfulfilled" - Comes to South Park, disappointed in the mayor, when the mass strike at the fulfillment center occurs.
  • "Bike Parade" - The town turns against him, forcing him to leave.
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