背景 编辑

在“经济危机”里,In "Margaritaville", Stan and Randy go to the South Park Bank, so Stan can learn to save his money. Stan gives Benny $100 to save. Benny explains how insurance works before suddenly announcing "It's gone". The teller then tells him to move aside for people who actually have money. This happens with 2 people after.

外观 编辑

Benny wears a black suit, a white shirt and a blue and white striped tie. He also has brown hair.

个性 编辑

Benny is uncaring to his customers, when he loses their money, he does not offer any condolences, and simply pushes them aside.

出场 编辑

"Margaritaville"- Loses Stan's money.

南方公园:真实之杖 编辑

Benny is seen when The New Kid goes to the bank. He can invest money, but Benny then loses it. Once you have the shrinking power, you can go through a well-hidden hole in the bank and fight the Bank Teller.

南方公园:浣熊侠联盟 编辑

The New Kid, with Professor Chaos, go to Benny at the bank to get a loan for the Chaos Minions. A Wheel of Fortune type game then starts. After this, the New Kid can take a selfie with Benny.

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