斯科特·泰诺曼 is a ninth grader and the purported 'Head Ginger'. He is also the nemesis and 同父異母或同母異父的兄弟 of 埃里克·卡特曼. He makes his first appearance in "阴毛的故事".


In his first appearance during "阴毛的故事", Scott is established quickly as a manipulative high school freshman, who unwisely chooses Cartman as his target, and ends up paying a heavy price.

When he first encountered Cartman, Scott tricked him by selling him his pubic hair for ten dollars, claiming that this meant Cartman had reached maturity. There was no financial motive for this, as Scott himself explains that his parents give him a hefty allowance. Instead Scott was just being cruel to a fourth grader for the sake of it.

Cartman soon learned he had been tricked and resolved to get his money back at all costs. However, Scott cheated him out of an additional $6.12, culminating in Scott making Cartman beg for his money back, then burning it in front of him. After more basic revenge plans failed and after being further humiliated by Scott with the public display of a video of Cartman begging for his money back by oinking like a pig, Cartman finally had enough. He devised an elaborate plan to have Scott's parents killed, then he ground the bodies into a chili, and fed them to an unaware Scott, who became traumatized. At that time, Scott gets mocked by his favorite band, Radiohead, for being a "crybaby", unaware that he is crying over his parents' demise.

In the episode "卡特曼之死", he is seen crying over his parents graves as Cartman and Butters placed a gift basket next to him as an apology. He is also mentioned when Butters and Cartman were writing a list of the bad things Cartman has done before his supposed "death".

In "第201集", Scott Tenorman makes a return as the leader of the revived Ginger Separatist Movement. Mentally deranged and now with more visible braces, he apparently spent time in a mental asylum. During his stay in said mental institution, he became obsessed with making Cartman pay for murdering his parents and did research on him, and planned to torment Cartman with the identity of his real father. However, the shock was too great for Scott, so he developed a plan to force the town to present Cartman's real father to him. Apparently a Denver Bronco (right tackle) had an affair with Liane Cartman and produced an illegitimate child. The whole town covered it up because "the Broncos were having a good year and couldn't afford any distractions." Scott Tenorman revealed his father, 杰克·泰诺曼 was a Denver Bronco and was the only one who lived in South Park, thus Jack Tenorman was Cartman's biological father, which made Scott Tenorman Cartman's half brother. In the words of Scott, "You killed your own father, and you fed him to your half brother!"

Cartman is horrified, and then to top it off, Scott then shoved Cartman into the same bowl of tainted chili that Scott ate back then, but a moment before Cartman eats it, the Super Best Friends bust in battling a group of celebrities and the gingers. Not yet done with his insane schemes, Scott Tenorman escapes using a jet pack, with Jesus saying "Who's the creepy ginger kid?"

Unfortunately, Scott's plan succeeded in hurting Cartman for murdering his parents, but not in the manner that he had hoped. Cartman did not seem to regret killing their father, but rather loathed the idea that he is in fact, half-ginger. However, Cartman managed to find a little bit of solace in the fact that Mitch Conner reminded him he was part Denver Bronco as well. Ever since then, Eric Cartman vows to get revenge on Scott Tenorman once again for the unfortunate events of this episode.


Scott has bushy red hair, freckles, large ears, and a piggish nose. He wears a grey sweater, with a black T-shirt overtop, and baggy orange pants. In "第201集", he still has braces and his eyes have darkened around them, appearing to have become baggy.


Scott's manipulative and somewhat sadistic nature is very similar to Cartman's at times. However, in his initial appearance, his cruelty was far more childish and more analogous to simple bullying, as opposed to Cartman's more elaborate and super-villainous methods. This changed in his appearance in "第201集" where it appears Cartman's past actions pushed him down to Cartman's level of evil.

Scott makes Cartman eat chili at the end of "第201集". It is unknown as to whether or not it was tainted with something, such as human meat, pubes, or something else, or if it was just ordinary chili.


  • Although Scott has red hair, he also lacks the aversion to sun that many of the other gingers have. This would make him and his father "Daywalkers", like Kyle Broflovski.
  • He appeared in the background during "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" during the first scene when it pans to the audience.
  • Scott revived the Ginger movement, which was started by his half-brother Eric Cartman in the episode, "Ginger Kids".
  • Cartman's hatred of gingers may have been the cause of his feud with Scott. Contrariwise, Scott might have been the source of Cartman's prejudice towards gingers.
  • Scott appears in South Park: Tenorman's Revenge, as the main antagonist.
  • The scene in "201", where Scott confronts Cartman with the Chili Con-Carnival and the roller-coaster, are made to look like an iconic sequence from the Batman: The Killing Joke graphic novel, in which The Joker abducts Commissioner Gordon. His voice and mannerisms are akin to Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in the movie The Dark Knight.
  • Scott came into possession of a jetpack, as shown in "201". He flies away from the chili con-carnival lair in a similar way a super villain might escape, including a pity catch phrase: "I'll be back, Super Best Friends!"
  • Despite he his cruel personality, Scott has, unlike most teenagers, a good relationship with his parents. He is "proud on them" according to the episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die". He could behave like this because he otherwise would not get his 50 dollars a week.


  • "阴毛的故事" - First appearance. He becomes Cartman's sworn enemy.
  • "护戒使团再临双塔" - Him and his other friends in the same grade as him appear with the 6th Graders because, according to South Park Studios' FAQ, he and his friends wanted to see "Back Door Sluts IX" as well.
  • "我的美国心" - Appeared in a crowd at the end of the episode.
  • "卡特曼的明星手" - Appeared watching Kyle's presentation.
  • "卡特曼之死" - Seen crying at his parent's grave. Cartman gives him a fruit basket as a quick apology for having Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman killed.
  • "第201集" - It is revealed that after the events of his first appearance, he was committed to a mental institution, becoming obsessed with revenge on Cartman. He eventually figures out that his father, a player on the Denver Broncos, had an affair with Cartman's mother, which resulted in her getting pregnant. Therefore, the major twist of the episode is that Tenorman and Cartman are half-brothers, and that Cartman unknowingly killed his own father 9 seasons earlier.
  • 南方公园:泰诺曼的复仇

Let's Go Tower Defense Play!编辑

Although its canonicity is disputed, Scott Tenorman plays a major role in the video game South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! on the "Sixth Graders' Hangout" level as the end boss. Cartman notes he recognizes his presence. Scott's role in the overarching storyline isn't really explained. The players must block him from entering the town at all costs or the level is lost. He is not a playable character.

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