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During South Park Elementary's first annual "Comedy Awards", Jimmy says that Germans are the least funny people in the world. The Germans are highly insulted. They vow that retaliation toward the kids at the school will be swift and brutal.


The South Park Special Ed department hosts its first annual comedy awards show. Among the awards given are the award for Most Unfunny People, which goes to the Germans, and the Kathy Griffin Award, given to the celebrity most likely to show up and receive it; Tyler Perry is announced as the winner and immediately walks in to claim it. The only person to laugh at Perry is Token, who appears upset with himself after realizing that no one else in the audience found Perry funny. When the news reaches the Germans, they are irate. The next day, they attack South Park Elementary and take the students hostage. To show the students that Germans are funny, the Germans unveil a robot called Funnybot.

Funnybot takes the comedy world by storm, becoming ubiquitous in all kinds of media. This distresses a number of human comedians, such as Jay Leno and Adam Sandler, who fear for their livelihoods. The comedians decide to storm South Park Elementary, demanding that the students stop Funnybot. The boys, with the addition of Jimmy, take up the task, but it is complicated by Funnybot's increasingly sinister behavior. During a stand-up performance, Funnybot suddenly deploys two rotary cannons from his body and kills nearly all of the 1,100 people in the audience, before shouting his "Awkward!" catchphrase.

The boys manage to gain access to Funnybot, only to discover that he plans to destroy the world as the ultimate joke. Funnybot connects to the defense mainframes of both Russia and the United States, arming the nuclear missiles of both countries. The boys are unable to disconnect Funnybot due to a defensive field surrounding him. However, Kyle remembers that robots can be confused by a logical paradox. Jimmy gives Funnybot a comedy award and asks him how there can be a comedy awards show, because if one accepts an award for being funny, it means they are taking themselves and comedy seriously, which is not funny. This paradox confounds Funnybot, forcing him to disable his defenses so the boys can disconnect him.

Afterwards, the Germans, the boys, the comedians and President Barack Obama overlook a massive hole. The boys push a wooden crate onto a platform where it is encased inside three massive metallic shells; the assembly is lowered into the hole, which is then filled with concrete. Funnybot appears among the crowd, stating that he now knows that comedy is meant to be performed by humans. A noise is heard from the concrete-filled hole, and it is revealed that Perry has been entombed. Jimmy promises never to do another comedy awards show again, but Cartman says that one may still occur anyway as sinister music plays.

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