彼得·马伦是南方公园中的一名四年级学生,他首次于“小便池之谜”出场。Peter Mullen, formerly known as Leroy Jenkins, is a shy looking boy who first appeared in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce".

背景 编辑

彼得不具有多少戏份,首次出场时,他捧着自己的一只青蛙。 In this episode, Peter did a "Show and Tell" about his pet frog. He made a reappearance in "The List", ranking #6 on the girls' fake list, as Leroy Jenkins. In the episode "1% ", he was seen in the gym class crowd. He was also seen in the episode, "Cash For Gold", where he was seen on the playground selling jewelry to Eric Cartman. He was recently seen in the episode, "Informative Murder Porn", giving a school report on "murder porn".

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冷知识 编辑

  • In "T.M.I.", he was listed by the school as Leroy Jenkins, a reference to the famous internet meme featuring a World of Warcraft character of the same name.
  • In South Park: The Stick of Truth, his name is given as Leroy Mullens, combining his original and later names. He can be seen in detention and perched above the News Office. He calls himself a goblin waiting to steal gold.
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