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  • 纵火:在"无法禁足"中,他与其他哥特孩子把“Hot Topic”道具店烧为灰烬。
  • 谋杀未遂:在"神秘侠崛起"弗尔科试图杀死神秘侠,但事实上是邪教领袖下的手。
  • 企图谋杀/绑架:在"无法禁足"中,哥特帮绑架了麦克·马考斯基并意图谋杀他。然而,在他承认自己不是吸血鬼之后,他们改变了主意,把他送到了亚利桑那州的斯科茨代尔。
  • 吸毒/未成年人吸烟:尽管他年纪还小,弗尔科经常被人看见吸烟,此外他还滥用咳嗽糖浆来产生幻觉。
  • 阴谋颠覆国家政权:在超级英雄系列中,他被证明是克苏鲁教的一员,并支持克苏鲁的恐怖统治。不过,哥特帮后来离开了这个邪教组织,表达了对结果的不满。

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  • "Raisins" - The Goth Kids are first introduced when a depressed Stan starts hanging out with them.
  • "You Got F'd in the A" - Seen when Michael joins Stan's dance crew.
  • "Quest for Ratings" - The Goth Kids are seen chugging cough syrup.
  • "Best Friends Forever" - The Goth Kids are waiting in line for the PSP behind Kenny. Cartman attempts to cut in front of them.
  • "Erection Day" - The Goth Kids perform at the talent show with their song "Talent Shows are for Fags".
  • "Breast Cancer Show Ever" - Rebecca called them "Emo Kids." They also talk to Stan in the hall and watched the fight between Wendy and Cartman.
  • "The Ungroundable" - They get very angry when the vampire trend takes over the school and their style is appropriated. They spend the episode trying to figure out how to stop the fad.
  • "Mysterion Rises" - A part of Cthulhu's cult and are confronted by Mysterion.
  • "Coon vs. Coon & Friends" - The Goth Kids, having already abandoned their cult due to nothing being changed by Cthulhu, help Mysterion in learning Cthulhu's weakness.
  • "Butterballs" - They can be seen sitting on the stairs during Stan Marsh's anti-bullying video.
  • "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" - Betrays the other goths
  • "Black Friday" - They are asked to become members of the group that wants to get PS4s on Black Friday, but initially turn down the offer. However, they later change their minds and join the group.
  • "A Song of Ass and Fire" - Seen briefly on Stan's side.
  • "The End of Serialization as We Know It" (mentioned) - Name seen on the trolltrace website. Ike Broflovskisent him a tweet.
  • "Franchise Prequel" (pictured) - Appears on Butters' Facebook profile on his computer as one of his Facebook friends.
  • "Hummels & Heroin" - Rallies with Marcus Preston after witnessing his presentation in the schoolcafeteria.

南方公园:真实之杖 编辑

Firkle appears with the rest of the Goth kids. The player can try to recruit them. Firkle is also one of the friendable characters in the game.

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