List of Kindergartners编辑

Filmore Anderson编辑

Filmore, (voiced by Nico Agnone), is likely the most well known kindergartner, aside from Ike. He is a rather tough kid who doesn't like people who think they are in anyway better than he is. In "Trapper Keeper", he ran for class president but in the end, failed after he dropped out, thinking it wasn't a fun game anymore. Rosie O'Donnell is Filmore's aunt.

Filmore was later seen in "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", along with various kindergartners. He, along with the other kindergartners, ridiculed Ike for having a crush on their teacher, Ms. Stevenson. Filmore appeared again in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", as a dwarf. He also appeared in "Royal Pudding", where he played the role of a dentist in Mr. Mackey's play.

Sally Bands编辑

Sally (voiced by Zoe Murphy Dion) has long blonde hair. She wears a pink shirt and blue pants. She is a friend of Ike's who voted for him and supported him in the class presidential election.


Quaid is Filmore's best friend and a minion. He supports Filmore in all of his decisions as shown in "Trapper Keeper".

Ike Broflovski编辑

Ike (voiced by Milan Agnone) joined the kindergarten class early in "Trapper Keeper", he was disliked by Filmore due to him being a "genius".


Jenny (voiced by Zoe Murphy Dion) has a pink shirt and curly black hair. Jenny usually states, "I need to go a doo-doo" and was on Ike's side in the class president election.

Flora Larsen编辑

In "Trapper Keeper", Flora (voiced by Zoe Murphy Dion) was undecided on who to vote for class president, but ultimately chose Ike. Her name is likely a play on "Florida", as the state was undecided in the presidential election a few days before the episode aired.


Carlos (called Billy by Mr. Garrison), is a terminally ill kindergartner. He occasionally coughs up his lung and needs to be hooked up to an IV fluids transmitter. He voted for Filmore in "Trapper Keeper" when his mother brings him in from the hospital.

Firkle Smith编辑

Firkle is the youngest of the goth kids. He says that most people are "Nazi conformist cheerleaders", and that he is the biggest non-conformist there is. He plays drums in the Goth Kids' band. He has not appeared in the kindergarten classroom, so he either does not attend school, or he is in a different kindergarten class.

Teachers and Classroom编辑

The Kindergarten class was run by Herbert Garrison after he was demoted for being a homosexual. The classroom has one round table and a chalkboard. Mr. Garrison is shown to talk about rather odd subjects to the kindergartners. He has mentioned having a nervous breakdown and going up into the mountains, and also his relationship with his father in which they still have skeletons in the closet.

The class has also been taught Sex Education by Mr. Garrison, who taught them how to put a condom on and different sexual positions. At the end of the episode Chef stated that sex education could be taught by anyone. It could be taught by someone who doesn't know, someone who has a bad opinion of it, or even a complete pervert.

The new kindergarten teacher was Ms. Stevenson as shown in Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy. Ms. Stevenson and Ike Broflovski developed a sexual relationship. They couldn't be accepted so they both decided to kill themselves by jumping off a building. After some advice from Kyle, Ike stopped just before the jump but Ms. Stevenson jumped to her death while calling "Ike?".

Class President Elections编辑

In "Trapper Keeper", Mr. Garrison held an election for class president. It was between Ike and Filmore. It came to a tie and Flora who had the deciding vote, but couldn't choose.

The next day she chose Ike but Filmore's side stated there was an absent kid. He later came in from hospital and chose Filmore which made the vote a tie yet again.

Filmore then got his aunt Rosie O' Donnell involved, who Mr. Garrison mistook for a monster. She then tried to make the vote clear and eventually more people came along campaigning against different sides. Both sides hired lawyers but in the end, Filmore declined, making Ike class president.

"The Wacky Molestation Adventure"编辑

When all the kids in town said their parents "molestered" them, the parents were arrested and the kids took over the town. They believed their provider was a giant John Elway statue. The town split in half, which apparently angered the statue, so therefore, a human sacrifice would be made to it from which ever side that didn't have "the book". The kindergartners were on the same side Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Wendy Testaburger, and Timmy. Their side was named "Treasure Cove". The enemy side was run by the "mayor", Eric Cartman, who named his side "Smiley Town". After a couple arrived in Smiley Town/Treasure Cover, they convinced the kids to allow their parents to be released. It is assumed every kindergartner was reunited with his or her parents.

South Park: The Stick of Truth编辑

Six Kindergarteners can be seen in the park, where they play Hide and Seek with the player, and when the player finds them all, they befriend him. A group of Kindergarteners can be seen with their own faction, the Pirates, led by Ike (who refers to himself as "The Pirate King") and the player can battle them optionally.

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