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压力山大的小甜甜到南方公园野营了!斯坦一行人得知后想借机拍摄一张布兰妮照片卖钱,没想到当他们面对布兰妮时,被舆论折磨崩溃的布兰妮 开枪自尽。只剩半个脑袋的布兰妮被救活后,依旧被大众穷追猛打。深感同情和自责的斯坦和凯尔想把布兰妮送到平静的地方,可是他们最终却发现一个惊人的阴谋...


At Stan's house, Randy is forcing the boys to watch a political broadcast, involving Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Suddenly, there is a newsflash, and Britney Watch comes on. It shows Britney who has been caught on camera urinating on a ladybug while camping near South Park. The broadcast then goes on to say that the man who took these photographs has received $100,000.

Deciding to get their own picture of Britney and then receive money; Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Butters, who is dressed as a squirrel to try to get Britney to defecate on him, go to her hideout, only to find out that there is a whole crowd of people there. Trying to get past the security guard, they lie that they are Britney's children and are allowed through to Britney, who believes her children have genuinely arrived. Upset and tired of her life, she shoots herself, leaving her with only half of her head. Cartman and Butters quickly exit the room while Stan and Kyle remain in shock.

Arriving at the hospital, the doctors manage to save Britney, though she now has only having half a head. The boys feel bad and promise to make it up to Britney.

After having a new music recorded, then giving a poor performance at the MTV music awards, she is bothered even more by the press. Stan and Kyle try to get her away from all the bother and try to take a train to the North Pole which leads to Kyle faking as Britney to distract the press. Upon revealing his true identity, Kyle questions why Britney must be bothered so much, to which they reply that she must be killed.

The train engineer informs others that he has sighted Britney on the train. Not long afterwards, the train stops in a small village. The paparazzi advance; but the crowd contains Randy, Sharon, Sheila, Gerald, Grampa Marsh, Jimbo and Officer Barbrady amongst others. Kyle is also in the crowd but runs to Stan and Britney. The two are informed that this is human sacrifice, required for a good harvest. Soon, everyone begins to take photos, to the horror of Stan and Kyle, who watch as Britney dies on the floor.

In the supermarket, Sheila notes what a good corn harvest they have had. On the television, the news anchor mentions the up-and-coming talent that is Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus which causes Randy to say that the next harvest will be even better. Then, everyone in the supermarket begins to sing Satanically once more, this time including Stan and Kyle, both of whom roll their eyes, having apparently given up any attempts at reasoning with the adults.

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