Chinpokomon are dolls from Japan seen in the Season Three episode "Chinpokomon".


The Chinpokomon Toy company attempts to take over the world by enticing children into collecting Chinpokomon toys using subliminal advertising through the anime cartoon and video game.

The Boys become obsessed with the new toys, which begin innocently enough, until it escalates into Japan declaring a new war with the United States by re-bombing Pearl Harbor.

The goals of collecting all of these will reward the consumer with the title Royal Crown Chinpoko Master. After this stage is the Primary Main Objective, which is the Big Weekend Chinpokomon Camp, which turns out to be recruitment into a military service flying jet planes and destroying the "The Evil Power".

South Park: The Stick of Truth编辑

The dolls are collectible items within the video game. Many more were invented for the game.  Collecting all of the 30 Chinpokomon will reward you with a friend request from the Chinpokomon Corporation. Which is needed for the "More Popular than John Lennon" Trophy / Achievement. On your way you will also unlock "Poco Chinpoko" (5) and "Chinpoko Loco" (15). Some of the Chinpokomon can only be collected during specific Quests and can easily be missed. Once a Quest is completed, you can NOT go back.

Quest Chinpokomon编辑

Chinpokomon Location/Quest
Roidrat Giggling Donkey - During "The Bard", sitting on the floor in the attic.
Beetlebot UFO - During "Alien Abduction", shoot it off the monitor on the upper level just before the boss fight against the pilots.
Gunrilla Taco Bell - During "PTA Problems", shoot it off a cabinet to the left of the table where you pick up the recording device.
Poodlesaurus School - During "Detention Sentence", simply shoot the vent in the first hallway and it will drop. If missed, go into the school after or during "Attack the School" through the side door. Exit the kitchen into the cafeteria and go out the door to the left. Shoot the vent and use the probe to go up.
Pterdaken School - During "Attack the School", on the second floor, to the right of your ally (DogPoo or Tweek depending on which side you chose) is an openable locker. Shoot it out of the locker.
Fetuswami Unplanned Parenthood - During "Unplanned Parenthood", after destroying the turret, a piece will fly off and light debris next to it on fire. Use a fart to blow it up and go pick it up off the floor.
Shoe Clyde's Fortress - Before entering through the gate you raised with the two wheels at the top, use the probe to go above the gate and pick it up.

Normal Chinpokomon编辑

Chinpokomon Location/Quest
Donkeytron School - In the oven in the kitchen. Enter through the side door (requires having progressed far enough in "Attack the School").
Furrycat To the right of Kyle's house behind a log.
Stegmata Kyle's garage (Key inside house).
Pengin Cartman's garage (Key inside house).
Monkay Butters' House - On the floor in Butters' room.
Chu-chu Nezumi In a tree between your house and Butters' house. Can be shot down.
Vamporko Outside Community Center - Use the alien probe on the side of the Community Center to teleport to the basketball court behind it. Its in the center of the court.
Gophermon Community Center - Bathroom stall all the way to the left.
Cosmonewt Use the probe in the middle of Stark's Pond to go into the underwater UFO and get it.
RabbiTech Police Station - Second floor on a shelf in the room to the right.
Sna-kat Outside City Hall - Shoot it out of a tree and pick it up.
Accountafish South Park Gazette - To open the door, you’ll first need to get the office key from a Post Office box. Once inside, use Gnome Dust to shrink down and enter the air vent next to the girl waiting on a stool.
Gerbitoad Sewers - Next to Mr. Hankey's house.
Biebersaurus Sewer Cave - Behind the Crab Person.
Fatdactyl Outside Bijou Theatre - Shoot it off the ticket booth and collect it.
Terribovine Outside Tweek Bros. Coffee - Shrink down using gnome dust and get it from under the bench.
Ferasnarf Mr. Mackey's Storage Unit - Start the side quest "Wasted Cache" and go into the unit. Shoot it down from a high location by the door.
Roo-stor Chaos Lair - Collect the keys from Butters' room and open the storage unit. Shoot it down from the top of the large gray vent.
Velocirapstar Token's House - Shoot it out of a window on the left side.
Brocorri Outside Tower of Peace - Use Cup-a-Spell on the lantern to the right of the path leading up to the tower to unfreeze it.
Lambtron Tower of Peace - Start side quest "Mongolian Beef" and shoot it out of a bird cage on the second floor.
Flowerpotamus Skeeter's Bar - Shoot it off a shelf in the back.
Mouse-Tik After completing "O Canada", go to the left of the Pleases and Sparkles Club and collect it from infront of the gold chest.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole编辑

Call Girl's Ultimate attack is her leading a flash mob using Chinpokomon Go (a parody of the smartphone game Pokémon GO).


  • The dolls and plot of the episode are a satire of Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and Game Freak.
  • A direct translation of "Chinpokomon" is "Penis Monsters", as Chinpoko in Japanese is a slang term for penis.
  • Chinpokomon was seen in a cameo in "The End of Serialization as We Know It" as part of Ike's internet history. He searched for "Chinpokomon Sun and Moon", a referenced to the pair of video games Pokemon Sun and Moon, which were released a few weeks prior to the episode airing.
  • Many of the Chinpokomon bear resemblance to real Pokémon.
    • Accountafish resembles Magikarp.
    • Beetlebot resembles Ledyba.
    • Biebersaurus resembles Deino.
    • Brocorii resembles Pansage and Roselia.
    • Fatdactyl somewhat resembles Pikachu.
    • Ferasnarf resembles Jolteon.
    • Fetuswami somewhat resembles Reuniclus.
    • Furrycat resembles Meowth.
    • Pengin resembles Piplup (despite being introduced 8 years before Piplup)
    • Pterdaken resembles Charmeleon.
    • Roo-stor somewhat resembles Skarmory (despite being introduced 2 years before Skarmory)
    • Stegmata resembles Wartortle.
    • Vamporko resembles Clefairy.
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