Meat Loaf is the stage name of an American rock musician and actor named Marvin Lee Aday. He appears in the Season Two episode, "Chef Aid", where he donates to Chef's cause.


In "Chef Aid" he revealed that he was performing under the name Couscous, until Chef brought him some meatloaf and suggested a name change.

He also appeared in the Season Seven episode, "Christian Rock Hard", as one of the musicians protesting illegal music downloading.

Meat Loaf performed the song "Tonight Is Right for Love" with Chef on Chef Aid: The South Park Album. He also appeared in the accompanying mockumentary, Chef Aid: Behind the Menu, in which he talked about Chef's influence on his career.


He appears as a musician with long brown hair wearing gray tuxedo consisting of a gray coat, a white formal shirt, and a black bow tie.

In the mockumentary Chef Aid: Behind the Menu, he appears with short brown, graying hair, wearing a black Hawaiian shirt with colored palm trees on it.


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