奥特姆·汉基 is the dissatisfied wife of 汉基先生 and the mother of Cornwallis, Amber, and Simon. She appears in the 第四季 episode, "屎诞节特辑", and 南方公园:真理之杖. She has a drinking problem and is often seen drunk.


Autumn is a talking piece of excrement. She has long blonde hair and wears a low-cut pink dress, a white necklace, and white gloves.


She seems to be unhappy with her marriage, mostly due to 汉基先生 erectile dysfunction. She seems to use alcohol as a crutch for her unhappiness.



She is the wife of Mr. Hankey. We assume that their marriage is failing, with her constantly being drunk (a "symptom" of a crumbling marriage) and insulting him over his erectile dysfunction.


She has three kids. Being a housewife, it can be assumed that she takes care of them.


  • Autumn: "Do you wanna bet I won't take my clothes off and run naked around this parking lot?"
  • Autumn: "That's not the only thing that can't get up around here..."



Autumn plays a minor role in Mr. Hankey's quest, she bickers with Mr. Hankey while, of course, intoxicated.

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