奥普拉·温弗莉 appears in the Season Ten episode "A Million Little Fibers", when Towelie's book is chosen for the Oprah Winfrey Book Club and in the season 14 episodes "200" and "201" as one of the many celebrities that threaten to sue South Park. She is also one of the rich celebrities contacted by Token Black in the episode "Here Comes the Neighborhood".


In "Here Comes the Neighborhood", Oprah wore a dark yellow button-up shirt along with bright yellow pants. In "A Million Little Fibers," she wore a white button-up shirt, a black sweater, green pants, and black high heels.


In "Here Comes the Neighborhood," we learn that she enjoys her rich lifestyle. In "A Million Little Fibers," we learn that she's so obsessed with her rich lifestyle that she completely ignores her sexual needs. We also learn that she's manipulative, telling Towelie that she'll support him, but actually accusing him of lying to America's citizens, even gathering an angry mob in order to kill him. It is implied that she did this to preserve her reputation, hinting at selfishness.

Mingey and Gary编辑

Mingey and Gary appeared in "A Million Little Fibers". Mingey was Oprah's vagina, Gary was her anus. They seemed to be sentient beings, with Mingey even holding a gun at the end of "A Million Little Fibers". It is unknown how they came to be sentient. After their plans to get Oprah fired fails, Mingey holds a group of people hostage. Gary was later shot by a police sniper, and as a result, Mingey kills himself.



  • "罗马尼亚五胞胎" (mentioned) - The Quintuplets state that they are going on Oprah's TV, followed by a book tour.
  • "邻居来也" - Seen as one of the rich people that came to South Park.
  • "百万小纤维" - Supports Towelie on her show. She eventually betrays him, inciting a mob after him.
  • "第200集" - Seen as one of the celebrities suing South Park.
  • "第201集" - Seen as one of the celebrities suing South Park.
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