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The 2012 presidential election is coming to a close, as people around the United States submit their ballots. Up to something, Cartman visits a majority of the 'swing states', and attempts to deceive the elderly poll workers.

The day after the election, Barack Obama was chosen to be re-elected, much to the dismay of Ike Broflovski. Ike, sobbing in tears, is comforted by Kyle Broflovski, who reassures him of how great it is to live in a democratic society.

Having succeeded in his plan, Cartman calls Kyle over to his home, and shows him something that could "change the entire election". Cartman has stolen thousands of ballots and Kyle vows not to let him get away with it, also part of Cartman's plan.

At the White House, Obama receives a phone call from General Tso, who demands compensation for helping him get re-elected. Knowing the bargain, Obama agrees to meet Tso at an undisclosed location.

Having gone to the police, Kyle and two officers arrive at Cartman's house to investigate Kyle's accusation of voter fraud. After an unwarranted search, the ballots were missing, having been moved elsewhere by Cartman.

Needing help, Kyle seeks his friends, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, Butters Stotch, Token Black, Craig Tucker, Jimmy Valmer, and Timmy Burch. At the basketball court, Kyle divulges Cartman's fraud and learns that Butters may be involved. Cornered and allergic to almonds, Butters ingests a single almond M&M, to avoid having to disseminate any information.

At Red Lobster, Cartman enjoys a bounty of crab and lobster, as he and General Tso await the arrival of Barack Obama. Before Obama arrives, Cartman declares that the deal between him and Tso was to be altered. After Obama enters the restaurant, he asks that it be cleared and begins discussing the ballots with Tso.

At the hospital, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Token, Craig, and Jimmy visit Butters, whose throat and mouth are significantly swollen. Threatening to get Butters' father involved, Kyle forces him to divulge all the information about Cartman's plan. As Kenny translates Butters' inarticulate speech, Butters informs the boys that the ballots were to be exchanged at Red Lobster.

The boys rush to Red Lobster and barge in on Cartman, Tso, and Obama discussing their conspiracy. Obama states that Tso would get the rights to Star Wars, if his presidency was secured. As Kyle is confused, Morgan Freeman appears and explains the entire scenario. Tso demands the ballots from Cartman, who won't release them unless he receives a role in the next Star Wars film. Cartman then vanishes in a puff of smoke.

At his office, Duck President is informed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the missing ballots.

Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Token, Jimmy, and Craig search Cartman's house for the ballots, when Liane Cartman returns and preemptively grounds Cartman. Seeing the Slave 1, the boys head outside, and are met by a furious Mickey Mouse. Mickey declares that he owns Star Wars and demands to know where the missing ballots are.

Cartman visits Butters in the hospital and is disappointed that he told the boys about his plan. As he feeds Butters an M&M, Cartman tells him that he's hidden the ballots "a place in town people barely even know exists", shown to be Stevenson's Hummer. There, the Hummer Salesman unsuccessfully attempts to advertise his vehicles.

At Disneyland, many Star Wars characters and vehicles appear, including an AT-ST and TIE Fighters. Mickey Mouse is greeted by two Stormtroopers, who have captured Cartman. Mickey interrogates Cartman for the location of the ballots. Knowing they're hidden in a secret location, Mickey attempts to bribe Cartman. Not caring about the next Star Wars, Mickey agrees to Cartman's wishes and convinces him to join his side.

News gets out about the missing ballots, and Kyle goes on the air informing viewers of what to look for. Being the one millionth person to make the 'General Tso's Chicken' joke, Kyle receives a $5000 gift certificate to P.F. Chang's. Out of leads, Stan and Kyle eat P.F. Chang's take out when they notice a Stevenson's Hummer commercial on a television, and realize that the ballots could be there.

The boys rush into the dealership, followed by General Tso and his cohorts. Arriving thereafter is Cartman, riding a Tauntaun, who ushers in the police. The salesman naively mistakes the congregation as a sales rush, as the ballots are discovered. Morgan Freeman explains General Tso's reasoning to protect Star Wars from Disney. Kyle agrees to Tso owning Star Wars and thus Stan proceeds to burn the ballots.

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