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Park City, Utah - home of the Sundance Film Festival. The once quiet town is now a bustling tourist attraction. Robert Redford decides that the festival needs to be moved. They choose South Park. Upon hearing this, Mr. Garrison gets all the class to go see an independent film and to write a paper on it. The festival is a huge success, but to Kyle's dismay, Mr. Hankey is being badly affected by the overload of waste entering his home; the sewer. The boys enter the sewer and run into Mr. Garrison, who is snorkeling in the sewage. Mr. Garrison says he is "hanging out", and dives back under upon learning that the boys don't know how to file a police report. The boys find Mr. Hankey and he explains to them about the delicate ecosystem that is being corrupted, much like the town is.

Above, the town is beginning to tire of the festival, but they soon discover that this was Robert Redford's intention. Chef realizes selling his recipes have also helped ruin the town. Kyle shows Mr. Hankey to the people in charge of the festival, but everyone there believes that it is a movie idea. Cartman begins selling Mr. Hankey T-shirts and makes a small profit. Mr. Hankey begins to die, and is taken to hospital. Kyle asks if he will go to Heaven but Chef hopes not, and instead tells Kyle he will. He gives him a Chocolate Salty Ball from his stall, and Mr. Hankey is revived. They then approach Robert Redford who throws Mr. Hankey at a wall. Chef gives him another Chocolate Salty Ball and he comes back to life.

Mr. Hankey then puts on a wizard hat and creates a tornado of sewage that begins to drive away all the people from the film festival. Robert Redford and his girlfriend drown in the sewage and the town is saved....except that it's completely smothered in waste (although it's hardly the worst thing that has happened to the town). Wendy who had been trying to get Stan to see films with her apologizes to him.Cartman also states that's he learned something to "Yes and I've learned something too. Being a sellout is sweet because you make a lot of money and when you have money you don't have to hang out with poor ass losers like you guys. So Screw you guys I'm going home."

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