David Letterman is an American television host best known for hosting Late Night With David Letterman from 1982 until 1992, after which he left NBC due to Jay Leno being named Johnny Carson's successor of The Tonight Show. The next year he began The Late Show With David Letterman on CBS, which he has hosted since with Paul Shaffer from August 30th 1993 until May 20th 2015.


He first appeared as one of the talk show hosts who helped spread the Fishsticks Joke in the episode, "Fishsticks", performing the joke on Paul Shaffer in a short montage of comedians performing it for their guests. He then later reappeared in "Sexual Healing", in which he is at the Karne Institute for Sex Addiction, claiming to be a sex addict, a reference to his recent sex scandal, mentioning "having sex with employees". He learned that his sex drive was caused by the Wizard Alien and partied after its death. He is among the other celebrities to sue South Park in "200" and "201", though he has no lines of his own.

He makes yet another appearance in "Funnybot" wherein he is one of the many comedians taking South Park Elementary hostage, though he has no lines. This marked his fifth appearance, but in addition, made him the celebrity to make the most appearances on South Park with no change in appearance/design, with the exception of Saddam Hussein. (Many other celebrities who have reappeared had design changes).


David Letterman has gray, receding hair and gray eyebrows. His face is a relatively accurate portrayal of David Letterman. He wears a white, collared shirt with a red tie and a blue coat over it. He also wears yellow glasses.



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