Turd Sandwich is one of the candidates for the South Park Elementary school mascot. He appeared in the Season Eight episode, "Douche and Turd", where he was seen competing against Giant Douche. The idea for having a turd sandwich as the school mascot was invented by Eric Cartman, who disagreed with Kyle Broflovski's idea to have a giant douche represent the school.

The "Douche and Turd" concept is redone in "Member Berries". In the election, Herbert Garrison is the Giant Douche and Hillary Clinton is the Turd Sandwich. The Turd Sandwich eventually loses.


Turd Sandwich is an anthropomorphic sandwich, with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, an olive, and a large piece of fecal matter. He also has long black arms, white gloves, and "South Park" written in black.

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