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In this episode, the boys are assigned to interview Vietnam War veterans. They decide to interview Stan'sUncle Jimbo and his friend Ned. The two tell a story ofAmerican camps having amusement park rides and claim that they single-handedly defeated the entire Viet Cong army. Their report gets them an "F-" because Jimbo and Ned completely made up their story (according to Mr. Garrison). The boys, furious, plot revenge against Jimbo and Ned. They make bogus videos of the legendary "Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka", which they send to Jimbo and Ned who then in turn reveal it on their show, Huntin' and Killin.

The show becomes successful, which leads to a decline in ratings of their competitor, the talk showJesus and Pals. The show begins to alter because of the actions of one of the show's producers, despite Jesus' cynicism of the idea. Meanwhile, Jimbo and Ned go searching for the Staring Frog which, according to legend, can kill with a glance; Ned sees the fake frog the boys set up and becomes comatose from pure fear, and when in the hospital, the boys confess their misdeed. This leads to Jimbo, Ned (though still comatose), and the boys all being shown on Jesus and Pals, arranged by the show's producer.

Without Jesus' knowledge, the producer arranges for them to lie on the air to improve ratings, having Jimbo claim that Stan is a drug-addicted Satan-worshiper, and having Stan claim that Jimbo molested him, etc. When chaos breaks out on the show, Jesus screams "Shut the fuck up!" at everybody and discovers the truth about everything; he patches everything up with Jimbo, Ned and the boys, and as punishment to his producer, sends her to Hell. There, she meets Satan and Saddam Hussein, foreshadowing events that will unfold in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and later in the two-parter episodes, "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" and "Probably".    

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