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该页面内容是关于 “基督摇滚热” 的冷知识,还包括大众文化、联系、疏漏、肯尼之死、隐藏的天外来客等内容。请注意,如果你想就某一冷知识进行讨论,请移步文章下方的评论区。

冷知识 编辑

  • 本集是哈里斯警官的第一次出场,然而此时他还是FBI探员而不是镇警局的警长。
  • 凯尔的乐队MOOP是“Matter Out of Place”的缩写,意思是森林或沙滩上的垃圾。
  • 基督唱片公司的唱片评级:黄金、乳香和没药是耶稣诞生时信徒献给玛利亚的礼物。
  • 剧中提到,凯尔偏爱的音乐风格是融合爵士乐(fusion guy),肯尼是拉丁爵士(latin-jazz),而斯坦则偏爱嘻哈和节奏蓝调(hip-pop,R&B)

References to Popular Culture编辑

  • Eric Cartman's instructions for the Faith + 1 album cover, are a reference to U2's album The Joshua Tree.
  • Token's bass is fashioned after the bass Rudy played in the cartoon series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
  • Eric Cartman on the bus writing lyrics onto his palm is taken from the film 8 Mile, when Eminem does the same thing on his way to a rap contest.
  • There is a former Christian boy band called Plus One.
  • Faith + 1's songs are based on real-life songs, with the lyrics changed.Template:Cite
    • "Three Times My Savior" is based on "Three Times a Lady" by Lionel Richie.
    • "I Wasn't Born Again Yesterday" was based on "I've Never Been To Me" by Charlene.



  • For a fraction of a second before Token swings at Cartman, his fists enlarge in width.
  • The Faith + 1 album cover in the infomercial and at the myrrh album ceremony is different to the photo that Cartman took, with Token and Butters having swapped places.
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