Eric Roberts is an American actor, who appears in the Season Two episode, "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut", as an actor in an America's Most Wanted reenactment, playing the part of Kevin.


After Mephesto is shot by an unknown assassin, America's Most Wanted stages a reenactment of the crime in an attempt to track down the killer. Eric Roberts, who is by this point considered washed up as an actor, assumes the role of Kevin. To the crew's annoyance, Eric improvises his own lines as the reenactment is being filmed, as Kevin is known to be a silent character.

When the power goes out, Eric is snowed in along with everybody else who participated in the reenactment. Jimbo Kern suggests that they resort to cannibalism so that the majority of them may survive the ongoing snowstorm outside. Despite their initial reluctance to resort to this absurd plan, they all agree to eat Eric Roberts, as "nobody gives a shit about Eric Roberts". Eric pleads for mercy but is ultimately eaten by his fellow actors.

By the time the snowstorm ends, Roberts and most of the crew have been consumed, but the residents of South Park have survived. Everybody is ashamed of their actions, with the exception of Mr. Garrison, who brings some of Eric Roberts home in a doggy bag.

In the episode "200", Roberts is among the many other celebrities teaming up for revenge against the town of South Park, despite him and other seen having died in his previous appearance.


In his first appearance, Roberts wore a yellow Hawaiian shirt decorated with a floral pattern and brown trousers, in recreation of Kevin's wardrobe.

In "200", he appeared less tanned and wore a lighter colored Hawaiian shirt (with the same floral pattern) and black trousers. His hair color also changes from black to brown in between his two appearances.



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